He has a Boy friend and Close the gate

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He began to say 彼氏いた(←日本語?he has a Boyfriend) even in  the officially hall.

Christian children landing in Italy wearing my clothes
Italy mean a boyfriend, right?

I wrote it with another movie

Because I was told about India by the Embassy of India,in the travel event in Japan.
I saw  Aosta in the Italian Tourism Board,so I thought he is a character.

If you think another story, modify the Italian Tourism Board brochure to Apulia.
And what are you talking about?

wikipedia Louis the Pious

I think I can always talk with Italy maybe we are Greek?
I thought Hungary and your Italian government said Croazia.
home tonight be lost with you Libia religion often changes its spelling?

I talk about Italy as much as I can,
but I feel like Italian and Japanese are a longing for Italy.

You're just saying that you were doing business from Italy and I said...Wow there are a lot of products in Italy!

"when I am looking in the mirror, I see I am,
but in the dictionary it is written that I am a kind of dog."

What is it?

So when you look one human talking about Poland had a small territory in Poland,it says it's one of the Italian kings at the family tree.
I wrote it many times do you think is it a kind of Italian?

In the European royal law a japanese is a japanese.
Japanese also ask you What is Italy?
That's the story.

How am I different from others?
Who made the dictionary?
Isn't it the human?

(Who is Italian Prince? Russian? カタルーニャ州の危機に際し、スペイン王の演説)

I told you they're Muslim living in a building in the city,
Is Italy a doctor?
Muslim(USA?) comes to Italy

I think Italian Prime Minister is this striped dress in this movie, right?

It's very clever,very fast.
Sleepy Hollow Ending  

He says "we are" in Japanese.

I wrote about striped dress and Troy many time.
Stripes and Victoria,Queen of Iraq
Stripes and Ethiopia,Queen of India
Mere Naam Tu
Do you have palace Israel?

Do you say Is Umineco the celebrity person that India(?) chose?
I think he maybe also Betelgeuse POP STAR https://youtu.be/kBzKnbj5qQY
Is Umineco "I would like to be passed the test"?

Both Japan and Italy are wearing Umineco's pink ...means everyone is entertainer in India?
Such a religion maybe ... a pope.It's good kind story.
Do you hate it?

After all,you're UNICEF in Pakistan,
but I heard that some European bought L'arc~en~Ciel for EU,
and Tunisia's Muhammad VIII(?) appears both in Japan and in Italy?
Or is Morocco good?

Is India useless for a while?
That means that some different budget has passed in Italy ...?

Or In the night "Governo Europea die Kommissarin il Presidente Consiglio" is it KGB of president Putin?
"Shall we shell"?
I think you can hear it in the night 狼煙は上げられた インドが変、多分そういうこと

I think this Ken(Hirai) is different musician.
So I've been writing articles about Ken in L'arc~en~Ciel and my story in India.

Why are you looking for Israel in India?
But I always tell you the same story.
 Call Me Maybe

I found Troy and the story has end.
ハートのネックレス 続きの続き 1
Troy ending https://youtu.be/BpflMEMqfiU

Ending song イラクの妃の位 続き 16 To surround with a rampartwall

Is he also Jesus Christ? Pray https://youtu.be/gmytjwspKrw
( 4400年前の神官の墓、エジプトのサッカラで発見 )

Troy is Arab Spring?
シルト攻防戦 9 Dichter in der Trümmerstadt
シルト攻防戦 10

Illuminate Lamp and Wall
Pakistan PM Khan visited Turkey

Actually it was a Chinese story. 三国志11

I think the other story too.
青いカーテンの部屋 水玉関係
ネフェルティティ研究 ?

<Can you see the red star?>
In Japan I can often see it,especially in the night.
I think it's not Italian story ... but I don't know what it was.
I thought THE BOOK OF AMOS  it's my country?I don't know...
I think I didn't speak in English.

The strong wind blows on you that brings death and poverty

I'm not a musician, but I also make a red star song.
I wrote English sentences with google translation.Mononoke

Father's voice is scattered in each place,smallers created only dissonance.
I can hear sad queen's voice,birdsong in the forest,that's all.
Then I can hear your idea "you're here".
Are you a child?
At the end do you even appeal to me with a sad voice?

Then I look around the ground there is nothing else.
No,I can see the horses,
I can see the end of the day at sunset.
I can see the bush is still brightly in the light of the end of the day.
And the night is coming soon.
I will go when the complete darkness comes,and I arrive in where I was asked, "Who are you?"
I am surprised the big Arab castle has a nameplate like a one house in the town.

Water gushes due to condemnation bytheir God,
great weapon makes me return alone at the entrance of the forest.
Ferocious beasts emerge from the forest,to the defeat a defeat?
Can you hear my sad voice?

The forest resonates me is listening my sad voice, 
and I will regain power and go out from forest again.

From forest to forest,I am the king of all forests,
I am the king of kings,
now I have people who say "you're the king, I'm the people."

The rest comes to the town where I live with my people,it's time to sleep.
But my face is still brightly lighted by the sunset light.

What do you hear?
Hear the voice you flash.
Light at this.

(Same sentence in Russian

отца каждом создали диссонанс грустный голос, пение птиц,ребенок обращаетесь голосом?
больше лошадей,
дня полная спросили: что у большого табличка в городе Богом.
Oружие одиночестве выходят.

грустный голос?
Лес резонирует грустный вернусь говорят: Остальное приходит в город,со своими людьми, освещено.
Что ты?
Услышь .)

(Same sentence in Italian , is it correct?

La luogo,la voce triste, il canto, tutto qui la tua idea "sei qui" con una voce triste?
Guardo terra i cavalli della giornata al tramonto.
Che il cespuglio alla luce della giornata.
E la presto completa : "Chi sei?"
Che il grande una casa nella città.
L'acqua sgorga a causa della condanna,per la sconfitta.
Riesci a sentire la mia voce triste?

La nuovo dalla foresta, sono il re di tutte,che dicono "tu sei il re" nella città in cui vivo con la mia di dormire dalla luce del cosa, senti,che lampeggi leggero a questo.)

I tell you I don't want to go to Italy.
Some Japanese people moved to Italy.
I put picture or youtube movie or songs lyrics on this blog from the first time.

And I think this person with Green cross. He's nuclear power?
I found him in other Japanese blog.
Ruins of thieves and Greek temples


I found this too,
so you'll put it on this year.

Josh Groban - Granted  https://youtu.be/Qp-HLXAq9Yc
Josh Groban - You Raise Me Up https://youtu.be/aJxrX42WcjQ

The red star appeared from German for some reason.
エジプトのクリスマス5 Advent
I think the star really wants to write something in an Italian palace in English.(←?)

I think there is Danny boy in this blog.

The last rose of the summer
(Do you say I tried to write letter?I found one photo adn I don't know.
I searched again today and I find the name of the Ogham .)

the red star song イラクの妃の位 続き 14 & Advent.Children 2

Your boyfriend "Final fantasy"?
so I write many things in English...?(↑Return to Mononoke )

Your song? He has two dogs https://youtu.be/sN1xAcHZqrE 
Is he Chinese? https://youtu.be/gDRLFkwovHc  ?

Do you think I can understand Italian?I don't know...
I don't know why I see the same image appears repeatedly.
What is this land, in the lake...? https://youtu.be/c-AcbniiSgE

I think this is ●(Maru)Grado?
I WILL ( TOKYOオリンピックのための祭祀 )
Is Italy the Olympic Games with me(Corinthian)?
But you live in Elis Greek now, right?

Is our house in the sea again?
Does it mean to start over from the sea?
What does it mean?



Did former prime minister Renzi  say Crimean Peninsula...?

Matteo Renzi,the beauty and his Italian flag

I think it's a story a chase story because a entertainer has gone somewhere with the big money and gone.Italian bought L'Arc~en~Ciel?
Who is L'Arc~en~Ciel?

Jesus Christ? イラクの妃の位 続き 11 HELLO ?

He says about himsefl the Lord of the Army,
he knew Christ, what kind of musician was he?

First, I looked Air Force planes around Persian Gulf.
Its old kingdom already on the ship, crushing the ground thoroughly,pretty cool,is it Super Hornet?
What is his back grounds, UK or princes?
イラクの妃の位 続き31 L'arc~en~Ciel DIVE TO BLUE

Ken talks about the kingdom of Northern Israel in Europe.
It's Turkey in the map.

At the same time, I was in the Kingdom of Iran.
Abraham's homeland was also in the Kingdom of Iran.

But you should know,there is a mistake in time with the real history of Northern Israel.
What was Italy at that time?

Italy says at that time, I was in Italy.
Who am I?

Are you my Prime Minister?

The same goes for the Italian royal family.
The Italian royal family is Ken.

Ken is good.
I hope Ken,I think Ken is Muslim.
I think this song is good for Ken's song,to expressing my emotions.
青いカーテンの部屋 背叛
Who is Cao?
He's Malaysian singer,I'm a stranger in Malaysia...
But I wanted such a song, when I'm not going to work I guess I don't have any money,
and it's like this singing 雨不停落下来...

That's why Ken sings GoodBye.

Cao is also Ken who says 今後都不管 in Chinese.
Are they laughing?

Your song 2? https://youtu.be/NgSFun7F8dI

(Your're NY terror and Elevator? Elevator Beat , Faith leads you to the east
The Last Samurai ? )

Because I wanted to use this song,
do you think my feelings are not so beautiful ...?

I'm talking to you,who am I?
It's hard to get the map you wanted to see. this?
防衛大臣の国 日本 3

When the map comes to the ground, the British are saying something.
I really ask to Ken,who is Queen ElizabethⅡ?
Prime Minister,are you also laughing at me?

At last I got my song that I am sung to sing,but it's about himself.
Future could be my private life,who wants to talk?

Guidance Prime Minister RENZI?
College teacher?
Who might that be?

So what are you trying to do for Italy...?


I don't understand Italian songs.
He has English songs I've never heard ....

Kyosuke Himuro is also good,
He got a house from African American,
he speaks English.
He sang an English song with Gerard Way.

"Your boyfriend is in Italy",What does it mean?
Do you have palace Israel? ?

To go out,Israel isn't just said "and", it bought a man,this Salman Khan?
Hetalia Axis Powers - ITALY

Italy are Muslim.
Whose Christ did you like?

Do you mean that talking in English to be boyfriend in Italy?
The name of the group that landed in Italy was Queen Victoria?
Prime Minister Conte is Queen Victoria Chinese?

What is it? I am a movie extra.
I don't have any ancient records.

イタリアのアフリカの話14 ?

What is Italy the door you want to close is UK?
Victoria & Abdul - Official Trailer https://youtu.be/SCLcSLxlKkM ?

I don't know why you only need my clothes in Italy(?),
My clothes are useful but everybody wears suits.

Is this English correct?I don't know...

Friuli,are you talking about Turkish tastes?


I don't understand Turkish,what do you mean by Savoia?

An Italian restaurant in Japan is a government building,what's that!?
"Do you say that your eyes are also blue?" ?
Is it the church,a Islamic Mosque in Ottoman Turkey?

Or,Italy,do you have to teach me how to speak English?
Do you say Queen Victoria?

Italy asks was I Count Burgundy?
Do you mean Japan?

In wikipedia,William I(1020-1087) was the Count of Burgundy,
his daughter Gisela of Burgundy married Umberto II, Count of Savoia,and later married Ranieri I of Monferrato.

My name was Sibylla of Burgundy?
She was also a daughter of Guillaume I (1020-1087),married to Eudes I, Duke of Burgundy but failed,her daughter Florine married Sweyn the Crusader, prince of Denmark.
There was Turkey at that time.
wikipedia  William I, Count of Burgundy ?

I think my name was Isabeau de Bavière who married Sweyn's family?
After that my name was Michelle de France wife of Philippe II,
Then when I was Franz Stephan von Lothringen, Queen Maria Theresia had  Duke of Burgundy.
Later,her son Joseph II was Duke of Burgundy.
I got Charles de Valois-Bourgogne and his daughter Mary,throught Isabeau de Bavière.

If there is  any descendant,it's a Duke of Burgundy.
I'm Sweyn in this story.and what do you want in Japan?
The U.S. army is stationed that hates Turkey.
What is wrong?

I think Ottoman Turkish people have something to say to me by Italy?
You don't care about American cities,and I'm a Japanese so I don't know ...

Something calls me Sweyn ...,is it my father?
I said Medici,to you.
I don't have any use for Italy in Japan what's the story?

In India, I can't ask the U.S. military about the meaning this is still a lower status?!
Do you mean by example?
Because it's next to the Turkish restaurant?

I don't know!Prince isn't European?
Project Italy?(2) Regard Europe
タイムマシーンに乗って ?


wikipedia Albert I, Duke of Bavaria


In the Roman Empire,
Tetralkia of Trier,King West Frank Juan Carlos I of King Spain?

I was in the Dalmatian court,who's King East Frank in Europe now?
when I talk something I always rely on the U.S. Army in Japan,
There is no Self-Defense Force,I don't know about Rome,it's the U.S.forces.

President Erdogan who is now in Istanbul(?) may be Emperor.

Mediolanum had Africa and Italy,
Crown Prince of Savoia family is Belgium or Ethiopia,Lybia?
He was not Italian.So you don't care about Italian royal family.

Is it OK?