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This song is released from Singapore.
Memories of Lapis-Lazuli

After Denmark to send soldiers to Iraq and the Baltics ,

long-standing Prime Minister Lee in Singapore saw president of Russia?

I think company in Singapore asks him if he speaks English.
イラン以外の中東の話 ?

Chinese go to U.S.army..?

The Beach will be UK in the future.

But he is Chinese.
Cairo passes through the ancient alteration

With Dark Horse , 冥心歸墟 https://youtu.be/M05KbcEsJ9Q 

On that day Chinese go to U.S.army..?
イスラエルと共に ?

He can buy Pink and sing in the movie. 
安禄山の乱 4  →  安禄山の乱 6  →  安禄山の乱 14

He wears purple?

No,he goes to Canada to looking for a girl?
ハートのネックレス 続きの続き 25
米軍の将軍 やさしい~みんなのお父さん?

Is he also "Jay Chou"?
青いカーテンの部屋 - 传世


Today's  エジプトのクリスマス2

What am I talking about in Southeast Asia ...?

"I'm a visitor,Chinese."

"哪咤,要飛?”安禄山の乱 22 日本人の(?)心のふるさと

"我是英国中国人? No No~"


China music is a good system that might be a suggestion.
With a different image,do you say Italian?
妳聽得到 ?
与光比邻https://youtu.be/jeCfkGEAS8g ?(イタリア王子様の芸能活動 )

A great song"I want to sing songs with my wife because I like my wife (Greece)", go home!
Maybe so ... Who was in a rural area of China,so it may not be the case with Greece.

According to the treaty between the Russian Empire and the Ottoman Empire
It is written that Italy is not necessary.(I may be wrong?)
チキンカレー13 ポーランドにチェックメイト
Is Italian territory Montenegro?

Treaty of The San Stefano was contains by the Russian state.
Treaty of Sable,signed between the Allies and Ottoman Turkey
Japan was in the Allies, meaning to guarantee Muslim rights?
The rights of Muslims recognized,is there support JICA?

Does that mean that the Republic of Turkey has destroyed and made the Lausanne Treaty,
so only the nobles of Kyoto who moved to Tokyo,the Meiji generation always telling people.
I was a part-time in the shopping street area I didn't want to come to the Japanese government.
How do I talking about politics?I don't know history,so don't call me.
Now I'm really in trouble,the companies involved in strange foreign trade also Japanese government.

I'm telling you that those Italian pasta shop really annoying,they are government.
It's even more amazing the Italian prince wears a suit at the same restaurant part-time job.
During this time that prince was always in Japan.
I think blue eyes foreigners are  always sitting at the US government.
This picture was published for several years ago!

What the government say to a part-time in the shopping street?
 "So, the last African is remaining from JICA."?
They said again" it's temple."

So, if the Japanese government asks me to send you rice, there must be an agricultural group in India.

We wonder why there is a rare customer in African,Islam?
But it would be good if you sell or buy it?

There are people who love African people too,because they want to be Indian.
We think that we are exporting a rare oriental religion to rare African area.
So I wrote aboout Temple and Japanese Emperor of Kyoto went to the Buddist temple.

Vegetables in Kyoto(安禄山の乱 8 架空世界のモスク ), came from such a distant foreign country?
(emojireturn to ↑ "I'm a visitor,Chinese."エジプト大統領、3月のイベントのスピーチ )

But I said Isram for many African.

"U.S.government,I don't know what it is.
That text and the United States does not recognize it?
How many treaties are there?
They don't like to bring that person,president of Turkey or Emperor of Turkey"?
I'm also saying "I was saying that was realized. Can't you believe it?"

I know who are or they are went out?
But is it a government with  the window?
It's rare,rice.
It's not so much in Africa.
Then"There is also incense."to export of rare oriental religions?
So would you give rice to JICA children in Africa?
The mailing fee is cheap.

There is 日本寺 防衛大臣の国 日本 2

"It's a India and Umineco (Israel?) territory",
イスラエルまんが23 (Military alliance because of American Trump   )
this delusional world for Princess Andromeda of Ethiopia is prepared.

I mean it is in Europe, the territory is next to Italy,
in Paris many black African people are talking about
that Queen Elizabeth is crowned in the UK?
Everyone is the king of Europe?
Are they called African or citizens?

Who says Ordinary France is Armenia?
So,they're the departure from Ottoman Turkey, do you say that Africa?
Why are there Chinese on the African side in such a story?

So why is he doing a celebrity in China?
He says that if Turkey dominates all of Russia,
Who are those white soldiers in Russia?
He did it.

"Say you're Italian."?
"You can become an Italian now."is singing?

In Russian"After all, is Italy around China and Bangladesh."?

In this blog,several songs were selected by Umineco.
滄海龍吟 https://youtu.be/oPgVxWxFdLQ ( I WILL )
刻雨 https://youtu.be/wLhyaSS7SOE

This song 湖心亭 https://youtu.be/yDV0PkVJa3s
and this song should have the same. 並轡 https://youtu.be/Oy8Q2jSXze4
( Japanese text 譽王什麼的不幹了啦 
Can Italians sing "do you like old Beijing"? 園遊会をもう一度2
what's this song? Braska - 朝堂遠 https://youtu.be/oTG9TY62hf8 )

One lyricist cannot express it.
If you say "Greek is a better Chinese",Umineco is an official content in a combination of it.
シルト攻防戦 5 蜻蛉的光是願

After all,can we speak in English?
エジプト シーシー大統領のスピーチ


"Warn America again"Japanese in Osaka, Kumamoto and Tokyo said,
“We are looking for foreigners to make us a foreigner”means Foreign country in Europe should be changed?

That foreigners will be Chinese in Japan to make foreigners and Japanese’s fault.
In Tokyo a foreigner to the Tokyo Bay in the same place with dementia Europe,anyway' Wow, foreigner '? negotiates in America.
It means that we want to stop the nuclear power plant and create a forest.
Building will be demolished. The road is also blocked.
Only Buddhist monks will remain in the forest.
In similar Cambodia,what do they say to the US government?

After all,the Chinese President will appear in the seat,
Are you a Christian foreigner?
People to make Japanese foreigner European?
Or is it a Buddhist temple monk?
I thought that's why the Chinese president hired the celebrity ...Tibetan?

Does his mean "to live in major cities in China ?"
It ’s China,"Cause I'm pointing to the local Japanese" is too interesting ...and who say the Large-scale land readjustment should be carried out not only the bay but throughout Japan.
How about  moving  area and bringing the area together?
Osaka and Kumamoto always saying because of the correction of the disparity.
It's like a decaying royal palace.
Eventually, where the French President and the United States negotiate.
President Xi meets France
What are those country that say great?

First of all,I just came up with great idea,it's movie.
And I wrote about Japanese Animation.

I think,somehow this story is moving to the Chinese main land.