Muslim(USA?) comes to Italy

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I can see it especially in the night.
I don't know why,in Japan I can see it.

Bagliori 青いカーテンの部屋 夜と星空

He says he can talk about what he like at night,
Are you fine at night and tired at noon?
so only Japanese kids go to school...
What's that ... but the story is going to be decided.

But I'm not a Christian, he is Christian emperor,he can meet Italy.
He says, is the night of Italy different from Japan?

Remote area Harvard Summer School?would you like to realize such a region?
To work,If you can do it a little, Where is Harvard?
Where the people with the pool Does that mean  people want their rivals right away.
People's national costumes are very useful.
"I'm wearing a kimono" to a foreigner.
"What are the people in the countryside?
People want the city,I don't know anymore.
Country people,
You have your own values, but something is so adorable."

Britain is Japan (Italy).
I have to make an ordinary American,
and I should speak only Japanese (Italian)at the university.
It's great at the urban university?

No, people in the countryside,
Japanese (Italy) take them off Kimonos (Italian dresses) don't have pants.
The hem is just for you from the beginning.
Isn't the countryside good?
That's why ordinary don't come to the countryside.
You'll say I'm going to quit right away.
Who is saying this?
It's not better the Japanese will get hurt.


A club is approaching ... who gets bicycles?
He's a friend of justice.
"Japan made a lot of neglected bicycles."and "Get Japan a little more".
Who exports abandoned bicycles?
The owner has thrown away raising Egypt.

Because Africa,a friend of justice has no bicycle.
Africa has fallen too...

Italian prime minister says he wants to build the Church of Mary for his government.
Africa doesn't give it for the rich prime minister in Italy,
just build the world's largest Christian church in Egypt?
A friend of justic Allah Mosque has it with a club?

From now on,a friend of "African poor",a friend of justice Rwanda enters the car factory and touches the tires.
Thanks to allies of justice!

A person with someone saying that it may be a person bicycles to poor,saying the rich man,the savior of African children.
That guy doing the tire in Russia!

Does this prince ask us what do you intend to my house with tires?
What is he making? Tire ...?

It's new bicycle that says the rich should be used for Africa.
He worships Christ too.

"Didn't you have a church. Islam, so you moved to Italy."

I used to say that I,I say The kingdom of France was French and I was in the British territory.
Japan can only be called Africa. White but African.

Africans wants to be European or British,
"Japan is also the former African."
The Bay of Bengal are African?
Telling the Chinese "We're Japanese""We have the black slave,right?"
Recently,say they are“Italian” or “British”.
The Japanese governmentit says does that mean the people of African people?
Are the same thing as Africans saying it's white?
So I'm calling.
Can I be the British king?


I want to meet Christ who speaks English, and what is Palestine?
Dark Horse
The bad funeral temple Hatshepsut remains in perfect form in Egypt.
Queen did not buried in the Valley of the Church,
that I am Italian to leave the building of the symbol of evil.
It is a funeral temple named Italy.
Italian prime minister doesn't have money,evil remains in perfect form.
But it has nothing to do with construction.

But the only of the Kings,the Queen who does not say the king's name,how to speak of Saint Mary?
I will say even in the world I know.
No, I want  it in its entirety.
I just say  it can't do,because the king is still.., Saint Mary should be  that there is an Egyptian cathedral.

Iran news moved to Italy.

I think Japanese government had a question,they had a doubt there is a rape offender.
If not, I was also Japanese, using new products at that time.Do you think I was  a rape offender to Japanese?
But you see,the current Japanese government is strange.
I think I should treat all the new Japanese government are rapists from Turkey.
Japanese government maybe an part of African government,Africa.
We  want to attack rape offender's city.
For Iran,for me.
Take all African hands and feet away not to attack us.
don't attack us.
They are making the more children,young force are gathering and making plans, scary.

Iran has nuclear development.rape offender's saying it's bad.
The nuclear mysterious house are uncovered by news photo.

Listen to his italian in the night.

In giornale,I had a boyfriend.(彼氏いた(←日本語?)?)
Because it's night I'm alone.
Because it's night I'm malto toria.
I'll attack you,
I know giornale was in somewhere,there was noon in somewhere.
Republica is far from night.


Then it is in trouble if it is not in daytime.

Pray into the dark sky,
Is project de finito monologue for me?

(question) Say something more

Queste governo

(question) ?


(question) ?

Governo? What is it?
Build on the earth this night sto dia sto dia
posta giurare?

(question) ?
Molto sousselie?
Anche ponte sella molto duole forte posizione

<today's news>
The Egyptian is strange,why?
I think... God's Trump Card

I think someone is Egyptian in the world's largest Christian church who is really great was slave to the king of Jordan...?三国志11 , Assisi,where is it.

Africa isn't Orion but Zillion? 赤い光弾ジリオン
Orion Silent Mebius ?
Emmanuel O Israel チキンカレー アドベントスペシャル

Britain to provide Egypt £13 million through World Bank

CAIRO on Sept.16 fund is a four-year extension program that this will enhance economic opportunities aiming to promote inclusive country of great importance.
It pleased our excellent program Morrison stated. 
The long-term partnership  reflects successful reforms to Cairo on the rise.
The program to investing priorities came during Morrison’s meeting in the presence to Cairo Cooperation.
Operating two sides referring cooperation through launching  programs,This is cooperation in the transport.
Small and medium touched Conference in January 2020 and to cooperate President Abdel Fatah al-Sisi to participate Conference of President Sisi in the Capital on November 22-23, 2019.

ヨルダンの国王は実はすごいの?(Byトルコ皇帝?)←日本語 かなぁ・・?


<God's Trump Card>

I went shopping at a Turkish bazaar next to the Indian shopping street.
I bought a scarf in Turkey.

And who should be worshiped?
Is Turkey compelling to worship Japanese God?

Does Turkey government thinks that I worship my mom at Egyptian Bazaar!?
Or the Turkish Ministry of Foreign Affairs made a god?
God says"Who is President Trump ...?"

I should say who is Japanese Emperor?or next time is "she"?
"Because Turkish empero'sb eyes were blue? "?

Temple should be called Christ church or Saint Mary Church in Italy..?
Christ says Saint Mary is his daughter.

What that··

Islamic socialism worships Islamic leaders.
Communistism worships Communist leaders,
I think Mrs.Owada believes  Chinese Communistism.

I think Chinese knows it.

What Africans want to after they get their bikes, is snow....!?
イラクの妃の位 続き2


President Conte in the darkness No2.
Punto stampa del Presidente Conte a Taranto https://youtu.be/GWSQKcwSWZU

Record da la comunicato?

Vernare savino su agenzia "so luna" pasto chigi

Passo corna?

Ministri tutto governo


Con figli "Do Stra(place in Veneto?)" ?

Sindaco (←日本語?死んだ子)

Wriglese? tanti atto corna esta fagiant recando dire Olé ore (←日本語? 俺俺)

Questa "opportune" (←日本語? 追っ払う)?

So no..



President Conte in the darkness No3.

In the night,a few days ago,midi maybe  came.

He was grabbing a salary man on a way to home.
It was an interview,but he was a drunk?
Is he still in trouble to go home ?

Today the government is open in the night.
Presidente Conte a Taranto https://youtu.be/Xu30PtfgZoA

Later,he can talk to a prime minister at night.

"Respect ... ... ... ... ... passeggi."
Alright,the noon has come.

After that,do you say Firenze to me?
It was hard,so it will return to the darkness again.
But still, you can see something called Questo Passaggio in this daytime.
What you're feeling is a fact for you.
Sera,you can approach me again in passagio.

Schalla- mach(?) di L'azione ? Great,
but what do you want to me,
I think I'm walking in that passagio who is not Syria,UN but I say "Holland".
And I'm often a little docile,I 'm often correcting it.

Does a word Function make me look pretty?
So do you forgive me?

I think I return to a way in the usual soon.
In the other words "Questo punto anche lo start",it was the first way of speaking.
Bella,Nazionale is really small to me now.

(Question) ?

Taranto? That is my challenge.
"Per che Italia"? (it was the prime minister Letta.)
So I want to courageously go with another story, that's Taranto, which is definitely profitable, right?

(Question) ?

Passerella, Voce, Passerella,Ti Amo
Andante famiglia come è giusto "Per che..."(←prime minister Letta?)
Passerella, for me it's very easy.