G20 summit SaudiArabia meets US president

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The results of the G20 in Japan,kingdom makes Muslims in Saudi Arabia.
It is not a sea.
Do you wonder if Umineco will marry a Turkish cat.
青いカーテンの部屋 イタリアとかフランスとか
"I will be able to talk to you."
Who went to China before?
Who want a strong relationship?
Is USA okay to have Saudi Arabia talk about.
Have Japanese become Muslims already?
Ordinary person was crowned in Japan.
If you have a house name,the summit was held in Hangzhou, it would have been nice.
Who has nothing to do with Britain.
The dialogue with the United States will continue.
First of all, the Foreign Ministry of Foreign Affairs visited the Pentagon to discuss the story.
Why doesn't he retaliate to U.S?
Wedding will not change in Japan,Ask him to be renamed.

The story of Umineco.
The slave of China possessed Japan.
A normal person of this country Japan.
Is it Umineco?
So  to tell you to getting Japanese,
I have not heard that a Saudi Muslim to decide in 2016 China was an ordinary Japanese  becomes the head of state.
Even  it's not Chinese.
Am I the new head of state ?
Then Umineco wrote those articles.
Call Me Maybe
Turkey is succumbing to collective insanity
トルコ大使館前 乱闘騒ぎで12人けが
It is possible to realize an international
where is a story about marriage with an American.
But Umineco don't live in Iraq.





Call Me Maybe







・President Trump meets Brazil  https://youtu.be/ilu5K6NZSvM


Who will eat beef with this Brazil after major Japanese move to Saudi Arabia?
The shop should be closed.
I don't know it has already been closed?
The don't want to meet to say to me "That's Japanese," "That's Japanese,"..
It means U.S is cutting off diplomatic relations with Brazil,finally  day will come.
Brazilian beef I wonder if I can not speak even Spanish.
If in Akasaka or something you were not going to meet.

国交を断絶する っていうことですよ、とうとうその日がやって来るんだわ。

・President Trump meets China https://youtu.be/BISHIqDs_SA

The Middle East,what to say about the Middle East?
Well,I moved for this time.
I would like to ask China for protection and the ancient Iranian government office also needs a place to live.
Japan has been reigning with American troops and do you say that we destroyed some American troops?
Christian enemies were not American.
So I expect it will be a treaty with Turkey.
A very long parliament and the Islamic dynasty or something others,Japan has dispatched to move to Saudi Arabia?
Umineco says "Oh,I do not remember"
Japan to Saudi Arabia"Oh, that's Japan?Japan is."
Some Japanese have dispatched forces to our Japan?
Well,after marriage I will not reach the name of the old dynasty.
You may think SaudiArabian were Turkish enemies and say anything from Japan,to make friends with the kingdom of Spain.
I see! That's the treaty of Spain!

wikipedia 後ウマイヤ朝









・河野外相インタビュー https://youtu.be/8yl3F3PAyg0
Is this about a story of Iraq war?

If you do anything,the minister of Japan is the goal.
That likes foreign countries.
Is Japan's House Important?
I wish I had fulfilled my needs.
I'm surprised that foreigners came to introduce the alliance with the United States.
Are you an entertainer?
Do you sing with KARAOKE?
In California,I am such a person but
I think I'm an American at all.
I want the Japan-America community protects a presence to demonstrate leadership.

(Q) But everyone is really surprised that you are actually Japanese.

After that it will be an excuse.
"Because I hate the United States."
"I would like to convince different types to other people."
"I am when I say that."
What should I do?Well, it is not good enough.
First,can I want to convince to exist as that to them?
I want my existence at that time.

前に書いた記事 天馬の国62 おばあちゃんの国 続き その2

・河野外相BBCインタビュー   https://youtu.be/-QLXVKmMt7s

It will be allied with supplies,with food.

(BBC)Any longer,were you a friend with England?

To have a chance for Japan and to make America,
he will be in the upper position though I thought that we received an agreement.

(BBC)There is nothing  if Britain thinks.

The system has  the rights of the Marine Corps.
He want to be a person who manages it.
So rampant,Japan says Mr.Kono will supply North Korea.
There is no sense but president Trump also wants to play an active part.
It is impossible to make supplies.
He is expecting something from TPP.
So he has a status such as New International Order in China alone.
Suddenly the US withdrew,

(BBC)I think that but such a story.

Even he's already telling UK that changed Military capabilities.
He has not handed it to Japan however they are,it can not be helped.







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ハートのネックレス 続きの続き 15
・ ・ ・ ・ ・



The United States said that doesn't need China,which means that it doesn't need the border.
We have not been heard the United States moves to the White House.
The British are good,however that the political office think the Chinese are useless.
"the eyes are not blue.They can not wear my clothes!"What?But friend?

Europe is wearing it will be European it would be better to destroy everything.
I would say who took the picture of children?
It will be all over the clothes factory,will it change the mechanism of the United States?
If you can return to Europe but not to go abroad the country would be bothered.
The foreign country with a good product haven't signed up for a smartphone yet.
Daily goods to have them come back,is it good from the U.S or Europe?
You're not saying please don't cross the border.
 "but the Middle East has no opinion in Europe?"
Do you say the United States will take peace with.. what was PLO?
What worked well for U.S to be in Europe?
That bread factory only have children from the Middle East
Because European are saying in Japan,it's a European.
They've never been seen that picture.
Get it and wear it.
Europeans are saying in Japan they would like to have new tag.
That the refugees pick it up like you said to me in Japan?
What is the support for North Korea?
There is the border line.
If you were sent to it China.
I think that it means to maintain the country,Please do not enter the border.

Europe is wearing that the refugees pick it up like you said to me in Japan?
It will be European luxury it would be better to destroy everything.
I would say who took the picture of children?
It will be all over the clothes factory,what is the support for North Korea?
Will it change the mechanism of the United States?
There is the border line if you can return to Europe but not to go abroad.

The country would be bothered if you were sent to a foreign country with a good product.
China haven't signed up for a smartphone yet.

If the Russians try to bring in the special daily goods to have them come back.
I've said many times, but I am from Japanese people,is it good from the U.S or Europe?
I'm saying anyway, because it's also meaningless that the President of that white seems like this.
I'm going to get something from the Middle East by the United States,Why?
I think that it means to maintain,you're not saying please don't cross the border.
Please do not enter the border,white people are better,it's special even though I had a special life.
Then do they think "but the Middle East has no opinion in Europe?"
Do you say the United States will take peace with PLO again?
I don't know what was PLO?

"Children will be wearing new clothes as same as Europe."
What worked well for U.S?

Some Japanese borrowed Muslim clothes to be in Europe,it doesn't join the EU.
It is too luxurious to be in that bread factory in the U.S?

"European only have children in only new clothes
although they say from the Middle East,didn't you?"

Because European are saying a little in Japan,
I know it's a European thinking and kill Japanese.
They've never been seen except Geisya in that picture.
You should get it and wear it.
It is said "new tag is better"
Europeans are saying in Japan they would like to have new tag.
Are they Geisya?!If it is not so,it reflected under the bread factory.

Are Japanese to Saudi Arabia 100 million Chinese investors?
what will entertainers be surrounded in those countries

TRT News

China and Turkey have important role in new world order - President Erdogan

A new world in an op-ed, penned for the Global Times on Monday,geographical cultural relations,old cooperation will continue to grow.
The Belt and Road under the leadership of  two ancient civilizations humanity by the Silk Road interaction.
Turkey is an adamant supporter of the first to support the project when it was launched in 2013.

The initiative's aim Asia , Africa, and meet his Chinese counterpart Xi Jinping.
Erdogan pointed over the Bosphorus,and the 1915 Bridge over the Dardanelles.
These projects , logistics , infrastructure  to the BRI's goal of Beijing to London lies at the the project. 
Rail reaches China.
The Caspian Sea,the level of strategic relationship in 2010 improve win-win relations.by the BRI, Erdogan added.
Nations looking to bridge goals for the Communist Party of the People's Republic of China in 2049,for 2023, which aim to transform our countries among the many things Erdogan added.
President also drew attention Ankara towards its goal of hosting one million Chinese tourists,$100 billion in the years to come to invest in Turkey, together.
President added Ankara is a vision that promoting multilateralism, and upholding the principle of free trade,Erdogan said.
Over 100 nations and organisations to news agency,president emphasised the importance of bilateral relations within Belt anad Road Initiative.
Xi's approach to the initiative, to improve transport corridors policies also to boost cultural  ties in this framework,said Erdogan.
I believe that we will witness together how our relations would be upgraded in all fields when we boost our consultations with our Chinese friends,Erdogan added.