Libia religion often changes its spelling?

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I saw the former president needed EU from Italy.

I don't want to talk about Europe.
But I think it's from Europe.

Because I may be immigrant my life should be reduced to Europe.
As for me, I am just like a black slave in the foreign country work is from the United States try to reduce my life to Europe.
But the treaty made The Southeast Asian (Empire?) with the Islamic dynasty in Malaysia.
People are already living there.
Who have to show them Europe because rural town isn't good.
I will not leave the United States all should be reduced to Europe.

If the story of Libya gets the result,do you live together(in Italy)?
Will he give me red clothes too?
I like India and Indochina I know Italy is also warm.


Which news should I add this article?
I really don't know..

To live Italy,
the story is the feeling that was decided by two people.
Two people can not see the tract on the border of a forest, especially one earlier included in it and still partly subject to forest laws.
What is this ship,they don't know because it floats in the sea.
Then they think that is probably their ship to live Italy together.

Is this a curse of another religion from the sea?
Kiel ?  (in Japanese Funeral or Disappearance)
Does this incantation pervert Egypt's religion.

Egypt gets 3rd German Type-209 submarine
CAIRO Commander of Type-209 of Kiel ceremony,the commander named it "S43" represents combat that aims the capability security and interests in seas.

Sisi, Italian PM stress need to eliminate all forms of terrorism in Libya

CAIRO talks Conte the latest in Libya, presidential need Libya.
The repeated  prevent country  to restore legitimacy, a phone premier including the Libyan file reach to the Libyan crisis  institutions people's will.

Sisi to German lawmaker: Egypt supports Libya's stability

CAIRO the Libyan to restore troubled country top lawmakerin in chaotic Libya,the president  outcomes Libya illegal can continue the development process to protect the current stability amid troubled region. Egypt’s pivotal role combat terrorism. 





While leaving Italy as it is,Italy would say "Pizza Pizza" in my house.
Italian or Spanish Toaster?
It would be good  it would be better not to do business.
If it had such a high status to sell nude photographs and so on.
Do you understand Italian?
I think it would be nice  of "pizza baking" abroad.
If you start family life in a Japanese town
what is it like the person who is making that British bread?
What does it mean to match the English?
I thought , but I wanted.
America won the war in Japan if I could sell it.

The toaster of that in Japan,even if Disneyland is the same,Do you understand Spanish?
Where is the Spanish village?
Whites were called business as woman's photobook,because that's the meaning?

President Obama?
They meet President Obama?
Bad daddy Gaddafi was normal person who says that he was a prince?
Should I go shopping if no one is at my store?
So it means that you can move freely.
Should I shop for that poor children?
Support Africa ?
Is the any royal family of the world?
Why do you go to say something?

Italy it's time to bomb.
Who makes a bothersome town where ordinary people live.
Italian is an Italian prince?
Who says he was replaced by something that is not the only person.
It's left in the castle.
Luxury is quite free because it is Italian.
That says "behind the French Revolution."
It's an ordinary person or that boy.

Napolitano will be a picture before Napolitano dies.
Napolitano will have no children also.
If Europe will be killed by ancient Egyptians what kind of traditional area is it?
If Brazil burns all and we want to realize it.
Who handed okay for the prince on another topic.
The prince can usually go shopping.
I'm troubled that Italians are increasing in Tokyo in the US.
Let me know who won , with black slaves.

A photo of the dead body of a person named Gaddafi is not a photo of the corpse.
When he comes out immediately how are you becoming it?
Hey, I'm saying that from Italy so that no one is at my house.

Should Napolitano show the royal slaughter dead.
I don't need children, I was born alone I boasted that I killed a child.

Even it is a traditional area, even it says that I'm not low enough to be managed by that Italian.
The prince out the second-hand goods is to be executed?
Can't you do USA?
I think it's a trash that you throw away everything.

Who said beats the natives?
It would be better to beat the native Indians so we all have to beat was a primitive Libyan man or Italy is white man,all of you will lose.


What are you also an American Hillary Clinton?
Can you tell the criminal?
But you're come back,
who says it was no longer considered?
Who said he is out of paper with a desperate face,who's that?
So let's stop it or to Libya money?
Money that the green banknotes given by Libya are not gold,not him?
And that's why the green paper means I don't know Italy.

Colonel Gaddafi killed Libya's Gaddafi,
but Ethiopia gets in my way.
If it is talking even now?
Black Monday?

People in other places say "learn the rewards badly". But learn Iranian,you will get an Iranian to your office?
The Kingdom of Spain,the Spanish government can be quite great recently.
They still live in Spanish food.

Later, "If you are a Japanese, you will get.."
It is good to say to everyone,If you..
They use cars in Libya.
What is for Japan?Libyan?Italian?
Don't say that.It's not me.

If you learn Spanish you will be waiting even for an announcer.
I understand that Spain is written on the flag.

His girl friend Libyan=Japanese lives in Libya now?

Spanish ex-monarch Juan Carlos I retires from public life

Her mark 1978?

Dream A)
Spain Carlos,I say retire.
his emeritus said to me "a letter" to me.
I think the moment has arrived in my life.
Carlos added about fully retiring.

Dream B)
I know when he turned 80 last year
he was honored in that event.
important 1978 marked from rule.
Carlos had a busy stepping.


I wrote it once to find the city.Is it Libya?
home tonight be lost with you

I write it again to find a phoenix.

Assisi,where is it.

Από εδώ μόνο.
Είστε ο τόπος που θέλουμε.
Θα βρούμε τον τρόπο να βρούμε τον τρόπο μου για να βρω τον τρόπο μου να βρω τον δρόμο μας.
Η άλλη πλευρά απέναντι.
Παρακολουθήστε στα μάτια σας ότι θέλουμε.
Θα βρούμε τον δρόμο μας να χάσουμε μαζί σας.
Βρείτε τον τρόπο μας Τότε μείνετε εδώ.
Θα προτιμούσα να χάσω μαζί σας.

(Across here alone.
You're the place that we crave.
We'll find our way to find my way to find my way find our way.
The other side across the far.
Watch in your eyes that we crave.
We'll find our way right here be lost with you.
Find our way Then stay right here.
I'd rather be lost with you.)

You find a phoenix in Greece town,
in the scenery you wanted to see.
It is a bird that I wanted to find.
Birds dive into the sea in the burning fire.
That was my sea. That is his sea.
He said that it is the sea for France.

I think he wanted to see a phoenix in Greek(?) town.
(wikipedia Evritania )
I wanted that town together.
The town will burn.
And me and he will dive into the sea.
He is the king of Spain.
U.S force is looking for a rare phoenix in Greece.

In Italy a rare phoenix is called "strada"?
"essere perso" means birds fly?
La strada President conte?

"Sei i strada.
che bramiamo.
La strada giusta qui perdersi con te.
La mia strada.
Strada Quindi rimani qui essere perso con te."

In France is it called the cônté?
"trouver" means travel?

Nous allons trouver de l'autre côté de l'autre côté.
Regarde dans tes yeux
nous trouverons


Da solo qui posti che bramiamo.
il modo di trovare il modo la nostra.
Preferirei la nostra.

Is this Italian correct?


What is Phoenix?
The name of the town?

Phoenix to America what was a lagoon?


I can't remember anything at all or I really don't know America.

I'll give the US Phoenix,
1 Get one phoenix egg!
2 Put the young bird in the cage!
3 Raise Phoenix!
Why is this story to change to catch the Spanish king?

Do you speak Italian or Greek?
Oh yeah,he also speaks in Greek?
Do you want to born?

Iran's Foreign Minister Javad Zarif Interview ?