イタリア王子様の芸能活動 続き

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Actors in India?
Monarch of the Hyderabad State (same way made Japan?)
I don't know about the return of the African empire and the palace

Tuekry also talks to Israel in Japanese.
Do you have palace Israel? (湾岸とキャンプ)

Recently we stopped farm work.
We decided to buy "rice" as groceries.
I think it is "eat curry".
I don't know what is my job,did we decide to make bread at the bread factory?
Bread powder is also brought from Japanese farmers?
It means that the factory to get the money also sells bread to buy curry?
Factory also buy vegetables to make curry.
Onion is rare variety of vegetables that came from America.
Carrot is alien species from Afghanistan.
Potato was transported from USA.
So we think people selling rice in Japan are Egyptian ancient people or children of foreign merchant who has passed through the Silk Road from another country to Japan or people of indigenous Americans who were found recently in USA.
They were told by the US government to participate in the war in Iraq to say opinion.

Does he say he was a real Japanese?
But is it a lie?

There is a new menu in Japan,Cheese curry?
United Nation's Baked Cheese Curry?

★NY  bagels ?
Pakistan PM Khan visited Turkey

I think Holland got a kind of victory.

I didn't know we bought Japanese!?
I didn't know I knew my friends also lived in the Middle East somewhere.

What made this (Japanese or English song) Arabic?
Turkey? 2019トルコ大統領のメッセージ

"He speaks Italian, but do you think it is Italian?
He said "to become Muslims" and "to Islamize the island" with Turkey."
Cairo passes through the ancient alteration

When I go to bride in India am I also Windsor?

Windsor is Israel?

I wrote some note. He can,I think he can Windsor.
solitary stroll
青いカーテンの部屋 counter bar番外編
Mensaje de Navidad del Rey Felipe VI | España

★Wedding with "Cakes"?★

I know China wants a Middle Eastern dancer for Japan.

Balochistan, Pakistan https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Balochistan,_Pakistan
Gwadar https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Gwadar

Disney movie Aladdin theme song

I know Japanese Emperor needed dancers but there is American intention.

Japan didn't have his palace in the Middle East.
What is that presidential palace in that green zone,castle?
How much is it,is it cheap?

I know blue eyes got Japanese dance,the USA already has polygamy.
Buy we know the Polygamy system was broken by USA.

Mysterious country called USA..they have children.
Dangerous holding guns in the Middle East give smiles to Americans.
They are dancing on TV in USA. They have dancers.
They think they are the central Topic's.
Just The Way You Are 2



Queen Elizabeth Speech in Buckingham Palace

ランドセルの為のCM その5

I know,did you give us'Burgundians movies' on Japanese TV before?

"France, I have nothing for France."
Ruins of thieves and Greek temples

参考 紫色の館 
   宵の明星と月(3) 王妃様はセーラー戦士
全然知らない建物 in INDIA https://youtu.be/3SgqnhwJKuo

I respect the faces of France,
I think we need the titleholder of French throne.
His actors look like Muslims defending Turkey now.

I found his life that wrote his family rented big money from Ottoman family.

I really want to get him and return to Iran,but no.
What are those black people,Muslims in Africa?

I found another France in France on Internet.
It must be Italy.

"I want to get him and return to Iran."

I have really returnd to Iran.
But why should I write he is not fit the palace in Iran?
But I had written it.
Afghanistan baby
I tried to admit the royal family but something was strange.

Actually I wrote another note I hate HenriⅣ.
強すぎるバルマ公爵家の血筋① -ナバラ王の系譜
wikipedia Maison de Vergy

The French brother who appeared suddenly was ferocious, he built the castle.
He had different thought.

"France, you have your Queen!"

They are a small country called the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg  now.
I know he is the officer of Olympic Committee.
I live in the hotel at the Olympic Games by them.
Then Tokyo had land readjustment.
Then they show a Danish people in Italian restaurants on TV.
He is a foreigner who lived in Italy but lost his house.
Who is he?

He is lucky.
We give money to Denmark and he will ask Italian government about Kuwait.

Actually they came to Quirinale.

He showed his face,he said about himself "King of Spain".

"And he says on Japanese TV he wants you to see what he wants to see."

Recently, Indians always use Japanese in Europe.
I think they are Japanese.

Dressing room are waiting for them.
They have to only lean Italian or French.
They can get also tiara.

Oh I can't do it.

They are also in India.
They are all Windsor who have blue eyes make India France.

"Curry" are almost Aunt they can't bring you any children!!
Their disgust"curry" died by bomb and air strikes in the Middle East.

"Anybody is OK."
"You think anybody is OK!"

They were ordinary girl of Indian people.


it is very young

it is a woman's body

it is blue eyes.

I think Japanese are bride in France.
Are Japanese name also Windsor?

Do you remember Israel was a white fellow?

I don't know but I think I didn't have such blue eyes...

(→Unknown Building in INDIA https://youtu.be/3SgqnhwJKuo )

And they are telling you that they come from the French kingdom.


"He should have his kingdom that he wants.
But he has no family name. "
Crown Prince Akihito and Emperor Haile Selassie of Ethiopia

So I kept writing articles in Japanese in this blog.


"But you watch TV.
He got acquainted with the prince of Italy.
Is he also a prince of Europe!?"

I didn't know she was Egypt.
His Home City Nara30 I NEED WATER
I saw blue eyes in the Isramic cafe.
青いカーテンの部屋 等风来
  LJanne Da Arc's  tiara?
          Hetalia - 俺様の女神コレクション

I think she wears purple.
青いカーテンの部屋 Game三国志のこと

One note separated two.
インドの神様 8
イスラエルまんが36 月牙湾1

★the permanent neutral country...?

★Which "Happiness" is best?★
Love,Dream and Happiness

I think he is a good singer. there was his castle in Italy.

"Who is he?
Prince of Italy is a relative of the British royal family?
Why is he so white?
He is telling you that he is a British relative.

Oh, he wants to be something else.
But why do they hate us?
He thinks he is black.
After all he is discriminated from white people.
Will you become Muslim who make him win?"

Then he says he doesn't like India.
I am amazing King Spain should better learn Indian language.

"Do you think who can enter TV to distribute rice?"
He also spoke Spanish for TV.

"He wants to go to America he wants to eat a hamburger."

"Ah he has Japanese girl.She is his friend.
He wants to bomb the SDF base in Japan and Iraq."

LAH slither of the hull
イラク復興支援特別措置法 - 米軍は普通、PKOは普通

★Northfolk and Navy and ships building?

★Battleship Missouri Memorial?

★Moscow's angel ?

★And bad Aimone.

前の記事 イタリア王子様の芸能活動

Wikipedia :
Apulia https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Apulia
Otranto https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Otranto

His range of defense is Cattedrale di Otranto, a castle strengthened against Friedrich II, made between 1163 and 1165.



I think Bourbon family is a (apparently)Brazilian coffee grower.
The invasion case of the Spanish army in India?


<"Anybody is OK" and "Who are you?">

The US government, the power of McDonald's closure tells us "Don't work".
The US government asks us who do you like in the food shop?

It was meaningless.
Coin and pizza living in the island in USA that is selling businessman again.

They are all American President in the future.
It is to make American president to eat special food at the expensive food shop.

American soldiers have guns and they live in adorable USA,they should be curious about landlords.
Are shining coins drinking Starbucks coffee at a base in the Middle East and are looking for a marriage partner?

Who is watching pair of slaves increase from the high rise building?
The president can't be the best without TV and private car.
American soldiers came to buy cars in the Middle East?

I am told to have McDonalds by Japanese businessman who have coins.
Is he also Japanese businessman selling pizza from an American island?

I'd like to buy a used expensive huge cottage at a second hand.
I think it is the order of the US government.They will have slaves in USA.

★Japanese island belongs to NY...?

Wikipedia ニューヨーク州

I saw many information about Italy,
but I don't know Italian kingdom.
I think I know Palace of Savoy is near here.
Something is engraved on the bells of the church.
I can not identify the emblem.
Boult (FR-70), Eglise Saint-Maurice https://youtu.be/X7igp3YfJr8

How is the Flag of Italy showed?

I found this news at first
Hetalia - フランスのつぶやき⑨

French adorable skiing holiday in Denmark.

What kind of vacation did France make profit?

I don't know...

But he knows Savoy.

<Elder Brother's family Pietro I of Savoia>

Doughter's husband's Father's family
Frederick of Montbéliard of Trino~Bürttemberg Duchy → retirement

Doughter's husband's Mother's family
Family of Bal ~ Lorraine Vaudemont family~ Louis XV (descendant of HenryⅣ)

~King of Spain (descendant of HenryⅣ, second son of Louis de France,son of LouisXIV)

~Duke of Parma,King of Spain (descendant of HenryⅣ, second son of Louis de France,son of LouisXIV)A child of Elisabetta Farnese, the son of Ranuccio II Farnese of Parma

~King FelipeⅥ of Spain → retirement?

<Younger brother's family Amede II of Savoia>

House of Umberto II ~ Emanuele Filiberto di Savoia ~ Princess Vittoria of Savoy、 Luisa de Savoie → retirement?

Wikipedia Formation territoriale de la France


☆Son of Isabel II of Spain → retirement

☆Duke Anjou(descendant of HenryⅣ, second son of Louis de France,son of LouisXIV)
 son of Spanish General Francis Franco. → retirement