Cairo passes through the ancient alteration

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Some Chinese collided with Malaysians and spoil the dialogue.
Identity to manipulate finance was called Great City.
I am  surprised that the Egyptian belongings are in the area.

Do you call me China?Yes I was China.

I have no power,they are America and Russia can cut out the area from Egypt.
I have not accused Egyptian president.
He says that it is in vain to rely on the United Nations.
Tokyo Conference great honor for TICAD

Even if America and Russia are not interested in China, there is China to get.
I will call it China.
Even if Chinese is not spoken in Alexandria.
It is possession of America and Russia.

I will not be an official in the government office.
America and Russia estimate that I am wrong.

I have never heard their opinion.
They are weapons.
It does not utter a single word.
They are the fire that burns the town.
Then he appears.
A man wearing a suit instructs the rebuilding of the town.
What impression do I have in that town?
Only Russians and Americans will go to that town.
I will not speak a word in that town.


Those people are ethnic minorities in Turkey.
They are only dancing.
Beautiful clothes are roofs extended the small eaves.
The lost castle are looking for places to build castles for Muslims.

Russian Interim Government is home,Spanish King brought them?
They are American inside the Soviet Union now?
American music is for free in Russia?
Preferred life bring them to the Cathedral first of anyone?
They know well about the occupation of Hagia Sophia.
Muslim business is to sell Muslim meals, property in their lost castle was too big.

But you think I only need to talk about the territory of my country China.
天馬の国75 首相 25日からケニア訪問 アフリカ開発会議出席へ
北米が来るのか、南米が来るのか 3

My thought is old.
But they said that the lost castle was called Israel.
The place was connected from the territory of Ottoman Empire.

After all they look for Chinese emperors again..from Iraq,Iraq was his territory.
Faith leads you to the east

But I think the President of Egypt is different.

Do you think by the Syrian explosion Disneyland's profitable story is going to the end?

安禄山の乱 8 架空世界のモスク

イスラエルまんが 12
イスラエルまんが 13


wikipedia Oriental Hotel (Kobe, Japan)

Japan was losing the war and became black slaves in USA.
We can live to make bread at the bread factory.

They said who wants to buy it.
We need a feeling of the buyer.
I wonder where are they from.
Are those customer wanted good suit and the bag.

The customer passed the bread who will buy it.
Coffee and bakery factory are supporting hotels.

Bread factory already had bankruptcy.
Coffee company in Brazil or Colombia South America doesn' work.
The customer want a feeling of a kind of the black slave.

I'm not interested in anything like a nice hotel.
The factory is deserted and nobody is there.
The customer live in USA to say that there is hotel.

After that you go to India and curry?
You go to Africa and eat in Egypt?

The customer are white man.
They say they want to be the president of India again.
They heard that black slaves can stand for the election in Egypt.

Do you know any addresses in USA?
I think they have many immigration in USA but are there anyone in the shop?
I don't know but there are a lot of computer companies and good clothing companies on the street.

Actually I don't know where the White House is.
How many states are in America,do you know?
I guess the customer made the most exclusive city in the world that we can't enter.

The customer want to eat Turkish food.
They think that they would be normally Turkish food eater.
They say is something strange?
They heard that black slaves can stand for the election in Turkey.
We made Turkey we remember we were black Muslims.

We are amazing Queen of England thinks she can get crown in Istanbul..
She needs Japan also,she shows blue eyes and blond hair to work the bread factory.

She says do you buy foods?do you like foods?
To get her throne she is working in the shop.
She says she needs Britain.
I know she has hotels in USA!
Black slaves don't know anything about the place and they say they are American?



Is this text in a religious book?
I don't know.. but should it be shared Egypt and Japan?

The genius after the Cold War go to the Iraq war then he wander around the Tibetan dreams?
They should collect second hand diamonds to one body.
It's amazing every crushed stone is very small.
Moreover, there is an expert opinion.
Do you know whether all Africans are Muslims?
Anyway, at which palace do they dance?
In the White House or in Moscow?

Dreamy castle Disneyland don't speak except Alice or White horse.
Are you a ghost? Are you a pirates?
What you want in Cinderella Castle.
They protect glass shoes you lost it in Egypt.

I'd like to stay at an Arabian style hotel in Tokyo Disneyland.
When I come to the window I can see the port of Venice.
But I will not stay in it I live in near Disneyland.
Ah also you had better not rebel against rich people.
Who bought the castle to get back the glass shoes?
Who had enough money so to see the dance.



How do you dance for Muslim?
I should dance but I look in to the ancient and I imagine if I were in the ancient building.
Their wisdom thought this silver cloth ,a proof of USA.

インドの神様? ピンクの呪い
I don't know the reason other people also make special cloth.
Those cloth are all pink to dancers.
The sky must feel something make little tremor.they are the wind or angels.
Is it the dominant territory?

安禄山の乱 17
Someone made movie and I wrote president Assad retirement is good for USA?  and Dark Horse .

The pictures were found in this note.

President of Egypt realizes peace between Russia.
After Denmark to send soldiers to Iraq and the Baltics (?) he bacame Goddess in Egypt Pax.
( wikipedia Pax Romana https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Pax_Romana )

I think  If he don't dance and Egypt don't need new city.
Follow the information, he has 3sons and 1daughter.

Mother Egypt defers the lion who looks her babies.
I look in to the chess board in ancient,it was the lion Assyria that needed the king.
I don't know about Mousl in Iraq,someone is fighting for the ancient Empire.
モスルの奪還 ?

I wonder President of Egypt works for Turkey is succumbing to collective insanity  in the United States based on Disney Land.
(you can see also  Ruins of thieves and Greek temples

Is  Disney Land advertising bread?
Or is it advertisement of European wine?
Do you know she says Black slave are wrong?
The architectural style is different.I think so Cairo needs a new city for USA.


<Emigrated to Turkey>


emojiThis is an advertising of Japanese spices.

When you find Egyptian meal in Japan you talk to Japanese whether other goods are the same (goods of your country).

Japanese answers
"completely different"

"It's food in a different country at all"

"Do not migrate to a country of different food."

Egypt evaluate so that foreign outlines can be clearly seen.

There are written Wealthy foreigners living in apartment are exclusively as English speakers.

China occurs that they don't need children in Egypt.

"You change them to Chinese."

And Chinese say "Do not come to your mother."

Where is that great Chinese come from?

Actually Chinese are working at convenience stores in Japan.

However, they say they are Arab.

emojiReturn to the top.>>

※Reference  https://sekai-ju.com/life/egy/life/egy-lifecost/ 

You can borrow a flat, which is called mufflusha.
There are electric water service gas, and furniture and electric appliances in it.
You can make a phone call.Often there are Internet lines.
The gatekeeper is usually resident for 24 hours.
Almost Foreigners and wealthy Egyptians live there.
They can talk in English to the landlords and real estate agents to sharing the advantage of easy information .

 It is written that wealthy Egyptians speaking in English.

emojiWho is Egyptian Chinese?

Six German Dances 島の踊り
南シナ海 米空母が監視 周囲に中国軍艦多数

emojiEgypt is a country of Hiroshima Nagasaki where were made with nuclear energy?

I find I wrote 3notes about Lausanne.

emojiWho call me China or Israel?
古代史のノート - テーバイの王の教え
Do you have palace Israel?

He makes the delusional world with his wife.
















せかいじゅうライフ エジプト




続きはなぜかこの記事に書いてあります→IDEA Μεγάλη Ιδέα

他の記事も ケルト人の宗教 ハートのネックレス 続きの続き 25

今日のEgypt todayのニュースを見つけたので追加します。

Sisi to attend forum on ‘Belt and Road Initiative’ in Beijing

CAIRO Cooperation with Chinese other chiefs of state.
Two tomb, Chief of Staff Mohamed Farid, al-Tayeb  to China came to Chinese in Cairo was launched by the Chinese trade and Latin revival to what was known as “The Silk Road” to Egypt’s investments including the Suez Canal Corridor.

Chinese , Cairo Chamber of Commerce received an City, China Tuesday.
Guazi,companies in various technology the second edition of BRFIC is from more than 150 countries to CGTN.
The initiative were signed with China.



Sisi meets with world leaders at formal dinner in Beijing

CAIRO leaders by Chinese in the Great Hall on the sidelines launched the Chinese government to trade,
And Latin was known as “The Silk Road.”
Counterpart  Confederation  in Egypt concerns,combating called Chinese  of Cairo-Cape Town Road and VICMED (a trade shipping route starting from Lake Victoria in Central Africa to the Mediterranean Sea).


Sisi calls on China, BRI member states to invest in Africa

CAIRO of the second Belt and Road Cooperation upon Chinese of Cairo-Cape Town Road and VICMED (a trade shipping route starting from Lake Victoria in Central Africa to the Mediterranean Sea),
Cape to Cairo Road was Cairo, reaching new agreements with China.
It is consistent with Goals of United Nation (UN) 2030 development.
Chinese are represented in the 2014 comprehensive which came in 2016  to implement the conditions in  countries.
The Chinese lights come on 2030 technology is also consistent economic culture to launch that achieve high returns and create opportunities Center.

That provides opportunities for the initiative center
The products to countries, the countries trade agreements,economic reform to provide Suez Canal and oil is a center of freight transportation services for markets of Asia.
Chinese relations significant Conference of the China-Arab Cooperation, Chinese was ratified.

Arab countries are under consideration visited China.
It is taking 37 heads of state,director of 150 countries reported CGTN.
It was launched in 2013 126 countries with China.

Islamic royalty business can be trades in Europe for money.
White people is the money they are dancing in India to buy house too.
Is it UK?So what is a US military base become independent?

Escaped people went to Delhi 何でかインドの国旗がある
Japan didn't trade slaves.
Was it Yemen coffee?
But is the money eaten by royals and politicians in the palace?
In the city are coffees in the shop from the other royal palace?

I didn't know India sold the field.
Is he an Egyptian from India to buy a building for Egypt?
He will be a slave.
I think Chinese people buy somethings to eat in rental homes but have no buildings in Egypt.

前に書いた記事 强军 

In Japan foreign children are carrying sweets from a convenience store.
They think they can pay.
Any food is money but plastic packaging vinyl is money.
Then I say that is for free?Will you say that.
That's money thrown away in the trash around the city.

I know Yemen is Arabian country.
Is a model room for free to live in?
Do we say something or To study Egypt or Arabic..(?)

Actually USA has his wife and she is very white. 
スリーピーホロウ ?

I want to be Indian but I wrote it in Japanese.
天馬の国54 踊るマハラジャ
天馬の国63 俺のデリー?

Egypt today News

Sisi: Egypt’s leadership of AU has key strategic dimension for BRI

CAIRO leadership current strategic participation coordination to achieve priorities read that.
It come Radi said Suez Canal where a Chinese convergence between Egyptian and Chinese.

It launched investments, in than 150 countries and Latin,a revival to what was known as “The Silk Road.”
Relations in trade Chinese companies in Egypt.

President  Chines to promote the non-oil goods,issues  particularly terrorism  the second Cooperation visited China six times over the past five years.
It is taking place on April 25 - 27 and the managing the International Monetary Fund in addition to 5,000 from more than 150 countries,, reported CGTN,126 countries with China.


When you moved to Africa,you were poor and in trouble with food,did you get food from your neighbors?

He moved to Africa but he asked Japan.
It was desolate lonely far island.

When you ask in Japan you need to speak Japanese.
What's more,you want the address should remain in Africa.

It was funny,but no one said it.
Turkey came in the Arabic world because African poverty was above Japan.
The story moved to Turkey.
The story of Iraq, which needed to emigrate during the civil war, came first.
After that, there were talks that Syria would move in a civil war.
After that, an African conference was held in Egypt.
Even in Egypt, there are some picture smoke rising around the President's address
but foods will come from Egypt.
I think Japan has some people who are familiar with Arabic and Turkish for Africa.
They are marching on the ground after bombing? Travelers will visit new Cairo city.

I tried to visit Egypt but I didn't go, I wrote some.

Sisi: Egypt keen on bolstering cooperation with Pakistan

MECCA  received on Friday  in Mecca Sisi hailed Islamabad to trade about various regional issues
extremist emphasized relations in Egypt over the  economic mega projects Egypt’s pivotal Muslim in the Middle East and the Muslim.


Islam has an old country that there is a better girl to the economy?
Owner is watching the whole life where the economic activity is made?
Who want to wear the same clothes.
In that environment exchange the palace can be exchanged.
Exchange the slaves you have a hard time talking.
Equal can have a palace in the United States.
At the life of the marriage partner I think it's like talking to a child.
It's not for the palace.

That imposes even with more big tits there is a day to be convinced.
It's like a building the people who are living do economic activities?
People live the palace can be brothers or relatives.
Exchange regional problems with Egypt.
Transport and where do you live in.
Just ask if America wears cheap clothes but blacks  at the same store,a simple is making  I can not have a very small room,
So I guess It is a world to ask it is but ordinary place, it is a city.
"Speak to the confreres."and I can't believe it.
If I want an wedding it is said that the wedding with European royal family in India.

Traditional ideas in a competitive world.
If you are told but where does that relate living in a room and do you want to sell the room
Are you going to sell clothes?
In which you live I think that the owners of that I had a talk and wanted to talk.
Exchange a story do you like the more ordinary person?

He has home in Italy,then the city needs another Italian?

Egypt, Japan inaugurate refurbished Cairo North Power station

CAIRO Cairo with the Japanese government sector ceremony,more power plants in Egypt,the agreement aims to maintain power supply.
Capacity of plants providing parts to the economic in the country change in Egypt, Chief Representative of JICA Egypt Office,and  Cairo Production Company. 

別の記事 「ベルギーが欲しいカフェ」のこと




That's why you say you want to marry an American,
you said that Japan lost war,so take the more American culture in Japan.
But they look like different race,
Italian pasta would have brought a horse named RODY,Kids are about children.
The product is written in Italy or France.
I live in a foreign country,Italy is a trend in the usual.
American called kids and mom who can not be discriminated as the Italian Prime Minister in Italy.
I will tell you how to make a dish for the introduction of microwave oven.
It's good until it is said that you can become a more ordinary American.
However your marriage partner is a Russian in a dating site I would say that Russians are good.
it's not like Americans.
After that, the menu I'm introducing will be great stupid high price.

Because some Japanese said they are different from other people.
They say it's because Japan is for introducing microwave ovens,
but it's strange that dad's face has been changed even if it is a special Japanese.
No, Papa's face is the same face,they say that they are even mommy.
It is at Italian or French brand store to buy household goods.

But that's why even UK shopping street in Ginza happened in a slightly.
What is Japanese(?) language in Ginza.
I wrote that Ginza should be closed.

青いカーテンの部屋 AD/BC
トルコ大使館前 乱闘騒ぎで12人けが
イタリアのアフリカの話 6

You can become a more ordinary American.
However the marriage partner is a Russian in dating site.
Great stupid high price shopping is introducing microwave .

With the microwave ovens the masterland means that you can live with your husband?
In the town of Egypt Cairo that you can live and sell,
who is the husband you want to sell?
Do you live in an apartment room or something?
When you go out  from a slave country my husband is a person of what.What does it mean.



I want to say Arabia what castle it is, so I'm telling China to Japan.
My ancestors were wearing kimonos in Japan.
If you don't wear it,there are second-hand goods.
That's why I received all used items.
If I can't get it in America what kind of Chinese brand goods do you want to wear?
So why are you making thousands of brands in China?
You can sew it yourself in Arabia?
I don't know how to wear kimonos,I want to create a territory centered on a Buddhist temple.
Iranians don't talk with the blue eyes.

Then you should call,I have Japan to say that castle or this castle.
I don't care can I get another castle ?

Build a factory in Japan.
Is there no plate or clothes for you?
so I'm going to isolate Arab people from Japan.























G20 って何・・?