President Xi visited Italy

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Africa rises to surface of Astana

wikipedia Luigi di Borbone-Parma

Avid Africans Mozambique for release?
He asked Japanese who's this actress?
I don't know.

This English may be wrong I can't write in it.
But I wrote this at first in this blog.

Italy means that there is a government for Japan.
I'm Italian to talk to the Japanese government

Can you get anything in Itally?
It is difficult to get something because this is my delusions.

What is a contract in Luigi?
The same name marriage of Louis and Maria?

Why Europe invited China ?
The base should be a castle.
Company in India, Bollywood are available for Europe.
They are the most obedient Europeans.
Did he say he also had another contract?
イタリアのアフリカの話 2

But Europe knows freedom.
Policy in racial segregation provides only Europe.
Europe pulsate is flapping like a long flag freely.

I think it is because we Americans aren't necessary for European officials.
There is a president of United States of America.

What is Lancaster?

Is it name?
Is it human?
Is it marriage?
Is it old time story?

Who need a map of bloodline or house in Europe?
Is the U.S President a citizen?
Is he french?

I have an area of the small field.
But I am a foreigner.

Belgian meaning I don't know.

But there were integrity of Territorial reason,Europe called register.
The family required to conclude a contract.
Europe got those old European kingdom.
For example, he was elected Italian Prime Minister.

I didn't know,after the Risorgimento of Giuseppe Garibaldi
Sardinian pirates landed Italy?

I don't know president is from Apulia?
There are Greek ruins in Apulia.
The problem about gap in Apulia is the gap with Greece.
Car way is cool.
But we got money at sea.
He stared the sea.
There was no one in the sea.
Gulf industrial complex? what?

Is this Prime Minister their companion of those pirates or is he a member of the Grand Duchy of Tuscany?
Or is he the descendants of another pirates from Africa to want the Torino Royal Palace?
How do you think about Aimone?
What do you think of the Italian royal family to slay off the offspring of pirates?
I didn't know we moved to Japan.
I usually make articles in my room.
Do you call me a Greek? No.
What does he want to do in Japan?

Japanese was caught at the story of the race color.
If you get married, you will get European blood.

I didn't know whether I lived in Europe
it may be changed soon by a marriage.
After all I was raised and working at a factory to marry Japan.

Do you need Spanish territory in Japan?
The we will be married by Spain?
I don't go to Europe.

No one is in Golan heights

the castle conservations

青いカーテンの部屋 イタリアとかフランスとか
イタリア王子様の芸能活動 続き

What are you talking about··?

前に書いた記事 President Assad meets China

Japanese thought that I was Italian or something but it may wrong.
Italian Prime Minister's hair is black recently?

I was at the airport and Mikhail's boy Mikhail called me.
I will die if I don't follow American.
I know American has a question.
The United States got princess from Soviet Union in Japan.
Why is she living in Japan?She despises American.
Will you call the United States every day?

<memo from wikipedia>

(1)Duke of Polands
The child of Emperor Nicolai I is Prince Michael.
Prince Michael's child is Prince Michael.
Prince Michael's child Prince Michael is British.

Grand Duke Michael Nikolaevich of Russia

(2)Duke of Polands
The child of Emperor Alexander II is Prince Pavel.
 Prince Pavel's child is Prince Dmitry.

Grand Duke Paul Alexandrovich of Russia

Olga Constantinovna of Russia
Maria Alexandrovna
Princess Alexandra of Greece and Denmark

It says Prince Dmitry is the son of Princess Alexandra of Greece and Denmark.
In Greece, the princess is her mother Olga Constantinovna of Russia's daughter.

She is a daughter of Queen Maria Alexandrovna,princess of the Grand Dachy of Hessen.
Her son George (1869–1957)married Princess Marie Bonaparte.
He served as high commissioner of the Cretan State during its transition towards independence from Ottoman rule and union with Greece.

Her son Andrew (1882–1944)married Princess Alice of Battenberg.
Her daughter Maria (1876–1940)married firstly Grand Duke George Mikhailovich of Russia and secondly Admiral Perikles Ioannidis;


Prince Christopher of Greece and Denmark
Prince Michael of Greece and Denmark

But Christopher (1888–1940)married firstly American widow Nancy Stewart Worthington Leeds and secondly Princess Françoise of Orléans.
He has the only son Prince Michael of Princess Françoise of Orléans.

Prince Michael of Greece and Denmark married Marina Karella.
Princess Marina is a child of the company to hear the complaints from the Greek king.
Is the company better?
Prince Michael's children are better at the company.

The son of Prince Michael, the only son of the French royal family is the Polish?
Princess Alexandra of Greece (born 15 October 1968), married to Nicolas Mirzayantz.
Princess Olga of Greece (born 17 November 1971), married in 2008 to her second cousin HRH Prince Aimone of Savoy, Duke of Apulia.

Is princess Olga a child of the French royal family,Polish?
Prince Umberto of Savoy-Aosta, born on 7 March 2009 in France was granted the title Prince of Piedmont.
Prince Amedeo Michele of Savoy-Aosta, born on 24 May 2011 in France was granted the title Duke of the Abruzzi.


Egypt today
Sisi, Wei Fenghe talk 'Belt and Road Initiative'

CAIRO Spokesperson Bassam Rady was launched  by the Chinese to investments.

150 countries in Asia, Europe, Middle East, Africa, and Latin America are a revival to what was known as “The Silk Road.”

In Cairo complementary to Egypt’s Suez Canal Corridor logistic ports , according to the  cooperation on the ways of combating terrorism country’s relations praising Egypt’s  leadership.

★  ★  ★  ★  ★  ★

Delhi still has the office to make slave country on the island.
And Turkey Christian introduced New Emperor from Japan,
there will be castle in the island.
Even if the era is established in Delhi it would be a problem.
After all, they greeted Italy as becoming Chinese.

I was told it until this time.
Where are you from?
Do you want to be a royal family in Japan?
Do you want the king to raise your status?

African people would receive all in April.

The Japanese king may ask questions.

African children and Japanese parents live apart now.
Does Japan fly to Africa when they take care of children?
Where was President Obama come from to castle in Africa?
What kind of position do you want to be in Japan?

What is the reign of the king who is not the throne?
I think he is mother of all African.

Is it Chinese necessity?
Today's news.
"Who can read this,I don't know..Japan is Japan,Japanese can only read it."?

イタリアのアフリカの話 3
青いカーテンの部屋 - 传世

Israel asked to president Trump
中国のニュース 今更アッシリア人
Il vecchio presentò la nostalgica costa d'Italia

Japanese is talking about to dominate the Japanese.
It is determined by the judgment of high school students?

Will I answer again for Syria?
Is a question President Assad is better than Order of the Golden Fleece(Emperor)?

The Japanese news reporter said that President Assad can get a good status from the United States in the new emperor position.
Will it be another person to get things from America?

Is it to say that I (?) have no medals?
Germany negotiations after the war were difficult.
You said to me Don't speak.

I didn't know Spanish king is ill,
he was married to a great illness,
and there is no Russian empire.
I think I only need the daily bread at the factory.

What is USA?
Is the factory USA?
Is it a country of Louis XVI?
Did you need to talk to me about Leszczyński and Herzogtum Lothringen?
I didn't know Herzog von Lothringen became Granducato di Toscana.
I went to the Italian kitchen to see the drawings.

Can Italian medal call Russian and Polish???
Does he order directly to Italian prince in Japanese????
Is it great? wikipedia 秋篠宮文仁親王

"My thought at the time of my(?)marriage,
I treat myself as a man who can give a prince to the other man.
It is the bond of marriage."

What does that mean?

What is your hope?
But I think I can't.

Japanese boys still have prewar thought.
I think I should go.
But they have to go to the same place.
Is that place The Order of Merit of the Italian Republic?

Who complains about promoting people to the prime minister?
The prime minister hanged down crown prince is in love.
He has to be a royalty who has received a Christian medal in Europe and Russia.
I don't know,PSI?Japanese call me PSI?What is PSI?

イタリアのアフリカの話 3

Is the Italian president a citizen?
I think I was also a citizen-like status in Italy.
Can we speak in Italy?

I don't know palazzo Chigi,I think Naples is the base too.
Does he think that we should say we don't know Filippo V di Spagna?
We knew the another king.
I forget his name but it was Aragon or Habsburg..?
But I didn't know the name of Habsburg.
His name was Prince Portugal,including in area inability,
the eldest son of Philip III  Philip, later influence Olivares...or something.
Who are you looking for?


Who is Italy going to show after his picture?

Choose Italy or Slovenia from the remaining.
But I really didn't know him and his country.

If I leave the bread factory I will die.
Is Italy company JP Morgan?
Window work is easy,he will be his talking partner.

Assisi,where is it.

China's Xi says he wants to take ties with Italy into a 'new era'

Hall is ready to strengthen an Italian eve economy to set Italian leaders and take them such as climate change.
It could develop telecoms and their respective companies.

Attends the closing Great is ready to strengthen President of his visit to set  bilateral relations was ready to Trade sectors encourage their respective cooperate.
Congress in an Italian for Corriere was climate within Italy.It could cooperate countries.

Italy Gives Xi, and China’s Vast Infrastructure Project, a Royal Welcome

ROME reserved for royals all the stops superpower and trade Road  at a state against the two scenes,caught in the middle of a trade China and assert its retrenchment,told reporters to China.

President Xi on Friday with a cavalry reserved three-day visit, promising in investment for officially his wife were serenaded and the European Continent’s what they considered the two tensions caught in the middle. 
While trying to find France,told reporters on Friday, had finally woken up to the period.




wikipdia Prince Amedeo, Duke of Aosta

Friedrich Wilhelm III of Prussia interferes with the French Revolution.
Establishment of Prussian Evangelical Church?
Prince Constantin called it the Grand Duchess of Alexandra Ioshifovna?
Sachsen-Altenburg has a big court was married to Hanover King Georg V.
Where did you go?
Puglia is something bad parents of the Grand Duchess of Alexandra Ioshifovna.
Prince Constantin place was called Sachsen-Altenburg.
If you say Italy in Hong Kong family who went to Denmark.
A big woman was dropped in Greece but a man is speaking.
Prince Konstantin, son of Empress and Nicolai I and his Grandfather,Peace of Tilsit was signed on July 7, 1807?
If you raise money Italy because it is a crime,real Turkish Muslims will kill Prince Konstantin.
He is the Italian prince there,princess Olga is a woman, a woman is talking in the old French Kingdom?

I tell you about the stories that Japan has talked to me.
When military operations are carried it has no other party.
That can't tell me people are talking to the US government and to sum up of the Middle East in Japan,the U.S. government in Japan doesn't like Syrian and Turkish people, but if you are participating in a military operation, you do not know the meaning.
Government has money,would you talk directly?

To sum up the stories of the Middle East that Japan has talked to me,when military operations are carried out in Japan,Italy dies and The Japanese imperial family dies.
The U.S. government has no other party in Japan.

Official money would talk directly?
To sum up of the Middle East in Japan,the U.S. government likes Syrian and Turkish people are participating in a military operation.

Government has Italy.In Japan I(?) don't teach English.
Americans don't know the meaning.
I think I do and I am and the Japanese imperial family will die.
I think but if you?