Africa rises to surface of Astana


2019/03/07 21:19:27

President Assad answers to Greece.


Astana, Syria and Japan. I don't quite understand it,
I summarized the news found today and the article I wrote before.

I was called,I felt African people are persistent about Turkey.
Because they say that Japan is a Turkish territory instead of Europe,
So I told you I might be in Turkish court.
President Assad meets China

Does he say"Because I do not like it, replace it"?
Is he American president..?
What do you say Turkey doesn't like me?
I often had such days in Turkey.

Are you looking for the marriage partner of the Italian royal family in Japan?

I know Japanese government would like to have a more firm family under their control.
"So the more powerful Japanese government will go to a bride to Europe "
But I am not competing with them.
Although I might have lived Ravenna,maybe I have to go home,
so do you call it the independence of the small duke of the past?
I didn't say it, but I have not learned about unified Italy.
I guess I was a small combatant in Italy, was I so wonderful guard near the Gulf?

I don't know about EUrope,is there Duke Parma now?
Do you call him to inquire to work at Japanese government?

I don't know about it but will Taiwan government be able to respond differently to USA?
I don't now Taiwan was elected such area or ask Beijing.
What does the Japanese government do?
To use phone that takes care of their contract,Taiwan needs Japanese government.?

Egyptian President visited to Japan.
He responded to President Egypt.
皇太子さま エジプト大統領と会見

But they are Turkish people,they appeared from Turkish Foreign Ministry.
3 Russian Meeting

Because he responded to President Egypt in the past.
What is the command of Turkish emperor in Egypt?
Bayazid Osman

But USA is the most important in alll opinions.
北米が来るのか、南米が来るのか 2
It seems that some secret agreement was concluded for princess Kawashima
but I don't really know it.
湾岸とキャンプ ?

I think king did it for terrorism.
I was angry.

But conversation was appeared for his son and Her Reina Svoia?
Iraq unity in meeting
Tokyo Conference great honor for TICAD

France Confronts ‘Absolute Barbarity’ )

I discredited to Spain.
I also wrote what I was in trouble.
イタリアのアフリカの話 3

I think I can serve in that palace,I am still in there.

I think we can get an Arab with this news.
Arabic is more complemented perfectly.

I don't know what do I have to wrhite it about this news.
Our grandfather lives in Astana.

We are no longer exploited by Christianity.

The religion of the Soviet Union is the Soviet Union.

The Soviet Union is over.

But,Grandfather's house bought no money for Christianity

Syria decided to call it a problem.

Italy brought the prince.

He can not get out daughters of here, Umineco etc.

If more young are good,high school students are good.

Everyone would say that the prince is okay.

If he don't need it and go home.

China pointed out that Iran crossed the border again.

Kuwait Calls for Syria’s Return to ‘Arab Family’ – Foreign Minister

KUWAIT CITY (Sputnik) – Kuwait is calling for Syria’s return to the "family" of Arab states as it a key country for ensuring regional security and stability, Kuwaiti Foreign Minister Sabah Al-Khalid Al-Sabah said on Wednesday.

"The past [eight] years [of war] … pushed Syria back many generations in terms of education, culture and humanitarian issues, that is why we are calling for Syria’s return to normal life, its return to the ‘Arab family’ … Syria is a crucial country for ensuring security and stability in the region," the minister said.

He called on the Syrians to take part in the political settlement process as well as in resolving problems and overcoming the chaos.

Underway - Source
Syria has been mired in civil conflict since 2011 with the government headed by President Bashar Assad fighting a number of opposition groups and terrorist organizations. In 2011, the Arab League suspended Syrian membership because of the conflict.
Lebanon, Algeria, Iraq, Tunisia, Sudan, the United Arab Emirates, Oman and Bahrain have already voiced their support for returning Syria to the organization. Palestine also wants Syria to be allowed to return to the Arab League. Saudi Arabia and Qatar expressed their opposition to Syria’s return to the Arab League. According to Secretary-General of the Arab League Ahmed Aboul Gheit, Syria may rejoin the organization only if all other members support this initiative.


I remember everyone said that they talked about entertainers in Taiwan.

Why does the talk reach to the the Japanese government.
Every time the Chinese asked the Japanese?
The cost of traveling to Japan is a waste.

Is his mother from House of Chinese empress?
Jay Chouという台湾スター

China and Taiwan are lazy at work.
China made famous entertainers to make daughters first.(?)
青いカーテンの部屋 - 传世

I wrote this in Japanese but..

I thought island is Indonesia but..


wikipedia Golden Horde

The map of the court.
But Italy talking about Brussels?



I can not decide about the African transport ship.
I talked to Africa.

She is still a Syrian identifies the status of a Japanese novelist in the Turkish court.
Because she thinks he lives in the United States and he can write English.
徳川家の将来・・ ??

Shapely Syrian independent from Islam was a ship.
Why doesn't he retaliate to U.S?

She had her ship.What was that, USA or is she Africa?
We saw her,USA didn't emphasize Islamic courts.

It was because I thought that the Japanese Ministry of Foreign Affairs was given some authority to Africa.

Is she wanting a region in Japan because she is African?
I don't know too,Is bureau a wind path, a corridor with carpets?
I don't know how to ask the Turkish court, who signs the certificate?
Or is it Mrs.White's cabinet? http://www.bvjc.com/

We can see Japanese is reflected in TRT Japanese.
I think the intention of the United States is the concentration camp is a castle.
But it was Turkey that associated with the Japanese royal family.
It was Christian wedding, monogamy from the castle of Europe.
It was not from the Islamic castle.

In a church African can using Chinese made dresses
to  live in the same supply?
Queen Hatshepsut
Are the space of apartment or other place of residence church?

They asked me do you like Africans?
They hate different ethnic people except Africans.

I didn't know there is a ranking for women,
I didn't know there is a church for woman.
Why are those Africans speaking at the old French court?

I really didn't know. I was working in the factory.
I think I am also unnecessary in their church.

I saw the Turkish government poster with the African photo exhibition.
I am puzzled, what is the status system of the African girl's country.
中国の川嶋紀子劇場 ?

In Japan, they introduced her.
Did you say that she has a husband and she want to scattering her clothes, bags and rings for everyone.
Was it forced to marry her husband?
A Chinese factory has started producing her bag.
The bag enters Turkey and is designated Halal.
But is all the salary of Turkey for that?
I don't know but I think the document has a document from the bureau, and the royal seal.
What is inscribed on the seal?I think China doesn't really agreed.

The former government recognized that it was a trade with pirates.

I don't know who visited Africa from Chinese government?
International Badra Oil Center in Iraq

Iraq has several girl for Japanese Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism
اوبريت رجال الداخلية (فيديو كليب) | 2017
Queen Hatshepsut
Dark Horse
I don't know about the return of the African empire and the palace



Japan is still a foreign government in Turkey?
There was no master-detail relationship between Turkey and Japan.
Is it a superior European court to Turkey now?
I think because he's trying to become European.

No one is in Golan heights

You know I am a worker in the factory.

Suddenly they called me to say that I was a seal.
What seal.
The contract to work in the Japanese government was a contract.
I wonder when I can go back to the bread factory,
but I was very concerned about the Turkish court though I was a child.

To return to the bread factory,are there any conditions for me between the Turkish Republic and the European government?
It is because there is no contract.
Syrian asked me who but I didn't know about the country of Syria.
Is the Japanese government a contract to work at a bread factory?

Many people saw that Japanese government said hello to Europe.
To want to get married between royals they knew Syria was French territory and Syrians.

There is the process of a used housing market by Turkey.
But Tokyo will be in Europe and the rest of the country will be Turkey?
I want to know did the factory move to a particular position in Tokyo.

I know that place was Japan.
Farmers had fields didn't rely on factories.
But will those areas all be in Turkey?

Because I don't have a contract for work with Japanese government,
I can't say anything about the Japanese SDF for example.

The dialogue requires another high school student.
What does that mean?

But is Japanese TV broadcasting network Kazakhstan?
They are wearing suits and have contracts with the government of Kazakhstan.
I didn't know are they Tokyo.

Why do many foreign countries get involved it?
wikipedia 1991 Soviet coup d'état attempt  ?

Grandpa told us to do bol'sheviki in Moscow.
We were also heard about the story of China and Iraq.
American is bully in North Korea.

But I am always in a place to hear American voice.
Do you want Chinese clothes in the United States?
It was a question.

United States President couldn't be Grandpa's children?
Who's that,me?
I didn't know what was Soviet.
How did it say?
"It was an attempt from Soviet President.
who were program which the central power were opposed.
It was led by Yeltsin, the demise referred to as the "Gang of Eight"of the Federative President attempt. "???

Is it a bad news from Syria?

Assad wants to be back in the Arab fold. The U.S. stands in the way.

Reengage Bashar has prevailed a push by the United States by the United in Damascus being gave rise to be welcomed back into the rebellion rule allies to hold back, designed to rehabilitate a leader bound to Iran by a long.

To brief The objectives the exit from Syria is pushing in the opposite direction to build bridges.
diplomats governments to reengage, according to the diplomats.
To remain about $400 billion of rebuilding the country government to Damascus with dismay gained absence of the Arab.

The Arab is now being decided in Damascus
decision to restore diplomatic relations. “Because we burned bridges regional determinant."

To be raised Arab governments,But Arab officials say there is no agreement.
Arab in Beirut

“I do not talking about to revive diplomats.
Remain Arab to be decisive diplomat on the condition of anonymity.
It is also adopting Gargash in reconstruction.
War began,leader can be lured away deterring with the drive to brakes on it.”

Gargash opens an alternative but it is necessary Damascus Arab bridges can build on a difference, a difference,this will be part Arab decision and we are sure.


Prevailed push late last year and overtures would soon be welcomed back from pressed warning to participate.
U.S.political U.S. officials say.

Whether they want to a leader who remains bound to close alliance influence.

Position on political isolation and political on the condition include the opposite diplomats who have been briefed.

Influence to the diplomats is crucial for the reality to remain for foreseeable future.

At least cost of the Syrian government are lining up to a political governments with dismay gained influence.

Leaving  influence that lies in the first year of the future peace,includes Turkey and Iran.

Influence in an interview including the league in Beirut“we are talking about.”

Powers diplomats the line to be decisive diplomat, speaking on the condition of anonymity.

It will not political solution“We still believe political progress,”is likely to undermine leader  toward normalization.

"Washington will put the naive,open our embassy,we think it is necessary,it can build on
We don’t make a difference,we will be decision,this will happen.”


I don't want to talk to ShangHai.
How to speak Declaration of Alma-Ata 青いカーテンの部屋 - Way to ShangHai

Today's news.
Kremlin Wonders If Putin May Follow Kazakh Model to Keep Power

Power for many for Vladimir Putin pull off a power without Putin under way.
Now works the Kremlin.
Who want who can  the successor.
This week’s decision while the issue with a record 77 percent  power in his own hands to name potential successors even as his popularity has declined.
Whose term  he won’t change Vyacheslav Volodin, lower house of the possibility.
New state within the possible people possible, three people close to the Kremlin said, who had asked not to be identified.
Options being explored include pressing neighboring Belarus into uniting with Russia to limits.
Who studies it will ther’s presidency with the  president four years.

Transfer powers
Powers or an advisory both of which influence leaves analysts will monitor how much power.
Power Russia and Kazakhstan have“a similar economic structure"whether Russia’s feuding elites would continue to respect Putin’s authority said Sergei Markov,While Kazakhs may allow Nazarbayev a mentor figure  founding would face an immediate to repeat Nazarbayev’s system  said Arkady Dubnov who specializes in central Asia.

Protect legacy
Senate’s new Wednesday which puts her first in the line of succession to the presidency.
Putin has signaled with his own daughters.
Russia also makes to pursue a new state.
Since Soviet Stalin face pressure on his fourth term,the former officer find to preserve political legitimacy by making way for a successor of the system of power,It won’t work for him.


I don't care blue eyes Syrian president in the central Asia.
After all he wants to talk it in Europe?
EU still speaks in Greek who can go to Europe.
Itay and Greek are the language in EU.
But does Astana aim for Berlin?Astana is too rare.

Regime attacks on Idlib endanger Astana talks, political solution

Astana escalates the regime's civilians will lead to new conflicts in the future.
Country for this situation,the written statement issued Astana meetings.
The Sochi deal is continually  passed since it was signed on targeting civilians also regarded the face of civilians.
To establish a zone and prevent a new conflict in the province signed the meeting,area will be preserved.
Observation  posts will be measures to ensure that military operations avoided yet, their city  Aymen al-Asimi statement.
The official of the future conflicts to come process.
Astana brings all warring conflict to the table to U.N. peace talks in Geneva.
Astana establishment to find a planned constitutional opposition  will be tasked with writing and establishing  constitution, which is seen as a stepping-stone to elections.



Do they talk about the Gulf Qatar towards Indochina?  Sword divides Qatar