president Assad retirement is good for USA?

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I tried to be Ancient Egyptian.
But I called it with various aliases in this blog.
安禄山の乱 17

Because I am an Egyptian, I don't know about President Assad.
I don't really know how Syrian problems ultimately affect Egypt.
It is strange that someone knows Turkey or Syria because I don't know them as an Egyptian
They know, in fact I don't have anything to sell.
They will talk to Japan.They have TV in Japan.
Japan's mission is the same as Iraq and other Muslim countries.

Suddenly everyone abuses my identity as "low" and says "they are great people".

I will be in trouble.
At first they were talking about equality.
But now they earn more money than my Egypt.
Everyone says "the amount they eat is on top."

Then,they say they aren't Egyptians after all.
I want to get rid of them with anger.
"How did you come to my Egypt."

Almost saying "foreigners is always great." ...
So I am not talking about Syria as an Egyptian.
It is enough that we don't know each other.

"Don't forgive bad thieves who have uncovered holes in my grave.
I will not forgive French thoroughly."
I know it was a Chinese dream.

TV Japan seems to have something to ask questions to Syria.
Swiss TV https://youtu.be/Eud-mQzXB54


Princess Kiko of Japan
There is oil in Japan
Tokyo Conference great honor for TICAD

What does American president say to Syria,I don't know..
Trump Administration
From Yokota Air Force Base

Is this wrong?

Can I talk about my delusions in my Japanese translation?

I have written two articles about Syria.
He has a Boy friend and Close the gate3
Italy visited to Cairo

I think the story is over in Syria.
投獄の理由 ?

It doesn't have Japanese translation in this video,so I wrote my own thought.
Syria    https://youtu.be/tLphW0S3YSk ( in Italy visited to Cairo)


オットトイウ(夫と言う ?  ←日本語?)
アラビアソウリ (アラビア総理?  ←日本語?)













アメリカーアンスカリー(←ヨーロッパの貴族の名前か何か?) ?











米軍などが訓練した反体制派、75人がシリア入り ?
イラン系部隊2000人参戦か シリア政権支援で ?

If you bring Syrian to Brazil...No,"we will  lose that story" ?!

"Blue eyes person are great." was
What was President Bush and Iraq War?
シルト攻防戦 9 Dichter in der Trümmerstadt


The story arrives too late.
The Syrian Army can't bomb Japan now.

I think about Islam and the mosk to pray,
The Syrian will have to get off the land
you can be handled by ship.
If you marry a Korean on a boat, you know
President Assad is in that Korean navy video to say America?

Is he an American president to say a Japanese is talking freely?
I don't even know the location of the famous Harvard University you are saying,
I haven't seen American money yet, because it's an American policy.
The United States is talking, not Japan talking on its own.

Do you say It's unavoidable The United states haven't been given my phone number or address?

There are about 40 articles about Korean fleet.LAH slither of the hull (防衛大臣の国 日本 5 )

Libya? エジプトのクリスマス2 イタリアのアフリカの話 17

Nigerian asked to White House with the letter.ask him your questions
They went to Turkey too. Turkey’s President Erdogan in UN 74th Session

Apollo and Aquila are seen
Under the name of the Afghanistan we said Persian Empire
the Bactrians are just complaining can't do anything.

Turkey rebuilt as if ancient Ephesus,country name is Ephesus to get a letter from Paul in prison to help Emperor Christ.
No ~ I thought I could see the Jesuits in the kingdom of God.
Is Kumamon a foreigner of the Jesuits?

Kumamon will return with the Jesuit fleets to Ephesus,Turkey.

Look at the announcement of the Japanese Imperial Household Agency  A record of Jesus Christ's growth is saying something like a record of your growth or something strange.
They say they're you or other people in the town.

"The royal family can speak English today"
"The royal family can speak French today"
"The royal family can speak Italian today"

It's just creepy,
the growth of Jesus Christ is thinking about talking "I'm still alive" in European Palace?
How should we watch it? Then they go to Turkey President Erdogan.

President Erdogan receives letter from Kumamon in prison to help his Christ Japanese Emperor.

The US military ships carry 200 million refugees on voyages.
They are Christian Americans and they will attack Turkey.
Harry Harris and Jeffrey Kim are commanders.

Iran is sorry about Japanese, they were really Indians ...
Because it's a religion,the white people were really upset in India,
There is too mercifully American Christian battleship in the trash to making children.

I'm probably saying President Bush or something in Europe.
In the same place,I'm surprised Japanese religion says they're proud of their child turned 20.
That's why I don't need 200 million people.
It ’s hard to be proud of Europeans.
If you say you are different,
so I'm saying that Christ was a little better and he was called a saint.

FT Russian President Putin talked  https://youtu.be/YCxDh2rf21E

American embassy in Iraq  was such an enviable luxury item.
Does President Assad's Syria like to internationally mwedding with Korean like President Putin Putin's family?
I think Korea is a country that wants luxury goods.
In short,it means that the Japanese are in Japan.
The most luxury goods are smartphones and Russians.

Goods list(in Japanese and There're some pictures)

ナルドの壷 (Christianity ?)
Abbacinare - E cieco affatto
月牙湾4 (Chinese lake and silk road's treasure)
花葬 (African language Isralel)
シリアに北朝鮮の公園 (Syria)

シリア戦闘、終結近い (President Putin and President Assad together )

Suriya was seen a little in Kyoto (Japan) 1300 years ago (in the comic story.)
His Home City Nara16
His Home City Nara13
She was the more darker, the language was like Indians.
President Assad has blue eyes and white skin,
he speaks English( and Greek?) but his name is Syria.

Is my translation close to correct?
I think he's angry.
2019ロシア大統領のメッセージ (President Putin)
イタリアのアフリカの話12  (President Putin visited Italy)

Afghanistan navy  (Tattoo or Heart mark, To Canada) 
ハートのネックレス (Tattoo or Heart mark, To Canada) 
ハートマークがつなぐ心の贈り物 (Tattoo or Heart mark, To Canada) 

(If he goes to Canada,goes to Military parade in Italy
He's president in Quirinale with no tattoos.
イタリアのアフリカの話 3

Afghanistan baby (Super luxury)

Are the Sable and Lausanne treaties luxury?
チキンカレー13 ポーランドにチェックメイト

安禄山の乱 59

1Egyptian king

I lost children.
Do you ask me
"How much is this hat,is it for free?"
"Is this cane a Christmas candy?"
"Why is this skin so black,different from my skin?" ?!

2Italian woman
"I have bought all
Are you surprised?
I am surprised by myself.
The gold coins makes me beautifulin this way"

1Korean woman
"Do you also want Korean woman with Korean vase."
"Good,your country is Korea from now on."

2You're easy to learn Chinese letters.
Only you have to do is writing,
you need fine letters on your paper every day.

There was noway.That Russian Seagull relied on Korea.
Are you angry that I'm talking?
I'm injured and speaking from the hospital.
I'm speaking why is my body so bloody?
Because there was a car accident

I am Xinluo (Korea),I do Xinluo.
Xinluo can get PS and PSP with the latest technology.
I think usually people choose Xinluo.
What's Xinluo ,I need it.

Look at luxury goods on TV.
It's a ferocious, non-speaking, beast.
The Mummy Returns https://youtu.be/cgBAJefErZY

What is a woman?
A ferocious beast who doesn't speak human language?

Are there any clothes that American children don't get by guns?
He said that there were clothes.

I say American women have the dresser and color nails.
We're just disappointed by president Trump.
Can you take pictures of naked white people,his wife?
Is she speaking human languages?

I don't know African prepared president Obama to say breast size in English in USA,
there're many white people,what is it?
How to make Children in English?
English is for to say bast size,because they're proud of children.

Are you going to be able to write?
Even now, maybe 9-year-old child in Turkey is saying president Trump?
A grandmother graduated from elementary school is talking with her children.
I'm saying why I was born in such a country and lost to my grandma.

Grandma ’s parents ’home is winning, but my father's child is losing.
I may have a bad bloodline ...in Japan.
American are European immigrants who are better than my Japanese Grandma ’s parents.
What if they were crowned in Europe?
Europe and my Grandma and JICA's 9-year-old child in Turkey are saying
they want to win using American politics or something.

Animals move from forest to forest.
I live in the natural phenomenon of disaster.
But president Trump says he will go to China.

Did he say that Palmyra moves with the company and goods?
And Palmyra is including some Japanese people?
I really don't know where was Palmyra,anywhere.
So it was difficult.

Once I wrote blue eyes Syrian should go inside the fence in the U.S.base.
Because I don't want French Syria in Japan.

Recently I wrote the area he can enter with Koreans.
防衛大臣の国 日本 5