What was President Bush and Iraq War?





What was President Bush and Iraq War?

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I'm just watching Iranian plays.
I'm Middle Eastern and Greek,but I am a Greek who wants to keep a distance from Europe.

The US military wants to make a future in Iraq.
Can you make it?
I want to do that,but I have black hair!
Call Me Maybe
ask him your questions
Ruins of thieves and Greek temples

Iraq unity in meeting
I think I was also French kingdom army.

Spain made a black prince of hair color.
Who is he?
He is a Christian and a French prince.
However, I and Yokosuka Navy both live in Japan.
Don't try to deal with big problems.

What is the area where American planes pass over in the Middle East War?
Persian Gulf is Persian Gulf,the Iranian waters.
U.S.airplane was placed on the palm of the Iranian army.

You were landing from the Persian Gulf as an Iranian,
then the small model of the Greek temple was built by Yokosuka Navy in Iraq.
The Air Force will fly and your Greece will be destroyed.
What is the air base that can be built on the ruins after all?
That is the problem.
So what is the NATO army that Europe governs?
I'm not your commander,who is your commander?
Why is it failing?

The ship are completely different words.
it erected the power of the bear

I want to issue a directive.
What is my army?
What were some people in Greece ...?
Build a temple model,"I hate Germans."
"European people have golden hair and my hair is black!"

what is it? for me?

Recent luxury word in Iraq?
There is Iraq in Italy and Japan because of luxury.

What has Korea become recently?
Russian Putin who says he doesn't eat British bread??
Say something about Japan or meaningless they're proud of phone that only you can buy.
Foreigners who live far away know more about Japan than Chinese.
I think Iraq can live as far.

The key words are
Italy = Japan = Iraq = Foreigner. "I speak English"="Eat Chinese food" = 7th Fleet
= Orient = Army Turkey = USEUCOM
=The mainland army
= UK
= United States
= Mr.Pence
= English teacher! Foreign countries!
= Instruction
= Gun
= American soldier
= American Embassy
= Hong Kong
= Chinese government
= American soldiers are better
= The Italian royal family is a great person.
= Ski = Gun = Iraq = Italy = Japan
=the guys in the countryside are sensitive to discrimination anyway is the the United States

in the countryside, people is dating
At the end, "I want  to respond." as normal Japanese people

(Yokosuka British?)

空飛ぶユニコーン Call Me Maybe

The Planes pass over the Iranian is Persian Gulf.
The palm of the Iranian army wants to make a future in Iraq.
The Yokosuka Navy,Can you make it?
People in Greece have build a temple model,and Greece will be destroyed.
The base that can be built on the ruins after all,
I want to do that, but I hate Germans.
I want I have black hair!
I want to issue it.

I am a French kingdom army.
So what is the NATO army that Europe governs?
The different words made a black prince in Spain and a French prince,
What is the area where is American waters in the Middle East War?
Persian Gulf,an airplane was placed on..I'm just watching Iranian plays.

The US military,then the modelofthe Greek temple was landing from the Persian Gulf.

What were some  ...?
The Air Force will fly.
What is the air.
That is the problem.
I'm Middle Eastern and Greek to keep a distance from Europe,a directive.
What is my army?
Why is it failing?
The people of the land and the people of the ship are completely European people who have golden hair and my hair is black!

Who is he?(ヘタリアの抱き枕 ?)
He is a Christian.
Don't try to deal with big problems.
However,I and Yokosuka Navy both live in Japan.

(New ship ?1)
Documents of the Japan of Defense involved in talking about Jewish people by Jews and get first-class Japanese proficiency in Japan?
Jews also share documents,to be an American document eagerly because the Umineco dies when he dies.
the documents and Japan? Japan and China that the Jews don't attack?
Does President Obama mean he doesn't touch Japanese and Chinese documents?

(What ship?)
Defeat theTreaty managed by the US Department isn't Europe.
Who are managed by Chinese and President Trump has it just happens.
If you can manage it in France,I guess he's killed.
Who can get  it when they die?
Don't you have one yet?
Does it mean flee ?

I write with psychic power that a new ship arrived at Yokosuka was talking.
What do you think?I picked up English sentences.I think this is English.

"Air strike.
We are now conducting inspections.
You're trying to control officials on top of me I worked for a government and all of operations.
The same at research institutions and universities related to oil trading,  sports, and building sports.
Who is it?
Do you know the name of a U.S. soldier,
the name of a U.S. soldier seeking to make a specific contact with a Japanese person can't announce in the news?
I think it's American news.
I don't think it's Navy guidance.
Which is stronger, US Air Force or you can tell if you can't.
To say I didn't like Internet light, because I had kanji.
Does that mean that only certain Japanese people want to be able to pay for phone renewals?

After boarding the ship, the U.S. military signs as a prisoner of war meaning that you want to have on a membership site
It is better to arrange for European legislation.
the Japanese are African,to Africa with Africa into African governing laws?
If you say so,n question. Japan is a countryside and there is no Rome.
"Queen is saying hello to me to be a friend?"to see someone who wants to stay on the last island Great Britain.
I'm not going to speak a foreign language.
Let the Queen, my natives, read a letter from a Christian,
Let the Pope bring you.
Leave all church."

( Ship's talking in Yokosuka )

Your American soldiers said about ten years ago,
"Queen's royal navy arrived in Yokosuka
Japan is trying to become independent from the United States."

Yesterday's news from Japan was also Queen's news?
"Missiles attacking ships not to get on",
"after ground battles, all Japanese people are transferred to U.S. military ships."
Government because of agency in Japan,their buildings will be destroyed by air strike
applies to buildings  revised to enhance security?
Blows all buildings such as electric smartphones to special children in Japan,
The Queen Elizabeth,a Christian wedding operations in the Air Force,
all 200 million Japanese will be transferred to her ship.

The strategy of a sloppy US soldier with his child
American soldier's saying, "Can Japanese people use the phone?"
Japan sign up with a Japanese name in each American web site and phone shop.
In short, it is impossible,that kanji and other foreign language contracts will not be accepted in the United States now.
But it's strange.
Check the foreign kanji names one by one and have them live on the U.S. boats.

"Both American web and the army guided the story to make it(Umineco?) on the ship" is bombing..
Can I live in the Japanese land?

Or do you still want a high quality conversation with a Japanese princess  published on a membership site?
And their phone number are naked with English site.
Do American call it what kind of Japanese special site to search word for JICA children all over the world?

JICA's poor African can get every kanji names to register name to search for Japanese princess,in the special site.
Japanese princesses are people who live on that Christian ship and are not European.
Not a king of Japan.  so that it does not land in Europe.

Time the queen doesn't appear , a letter appear Pope letter to President Assad
That woman remembers what she is with buildings in Japan destroyed by the US Air Force.

Or is it Germany?

Soldaten sagten vor Staaten aus Japan.
Schiffe an nicht Agentur in Japan,
Sicherheit in Japan,
Schiff gebracht-Soldaten 
Soldat sagt: japanischen Staaten derzeit nicht akzeptiert seltsam.
Sie sie Sie Gespräch ist nackt japanische der ganzen Welt zu suchen?
Suchen damit es nicht sich, was sie mit Gebäuden in Japan ist, die von der zerstört.

President Putin and his Friends are Brazilian?
Russian President Putin Arrives in Brazil for BRICS Summit   https://youtu.be/iABbI_P9vlw ?

Brazilian Emperor will be Emperor in Russia?
and I wrote this first,  ロシアとの平和条約締結

(Yokosuka France?)


What is the area where planes pass over in the Middle East War?
Persian Gulf is Persian Gulf.
An airplane was placed I'm just watching the US military wants to make a future in Iraq.
Can you make it?
What were the Air Force that will fly?
What is the air base on the ruins after all?
The problem,I want to do that.
Middle Eastern,I want to keep a distance.
What is my army? I am a French kingdom army.
So what is the NATO army that Europe governs?
The people of the land are  different words.
European people have..who is he?(ヘタリアの抱き枕 ?)
He is a French prince with big problems.

American the Iranian waters on the palm of the Iranian army,Iranian plays.
Then the model of the Greek temple was the Yokosuka Navy.
Landing from the Persian Gulf.
some people in Greece build a temple model,
and Greece will be destroyed.
that can be built That is.. but I hate Germans.
I'm Greek from Europe.
I have black hair!
I want to issue a directive.
Why is it failing?
and the people of the ship completely have golden hair and my hair is black!
Spain made a black prince for each hair color,he is a Christian and don't try to deal.
However,I and Yokosuka Navy both live in Japan.


Muslim(USA?) comes to Italy ?

Since the United States won,
Japanese don't understand foreign languages,
but Japan wants something from foreign countries.

Japanese Kimono changes to the town walker in Europe.

Japan wants many foreigners and spies who help Japan,
how should the Japanese king take the throne in Europe?
They can understand English Japanese both foreign languages and especially they like Japanese.
Japan wants to translate all the foreign countries to get them all,
in Japan,with the United States Japan wants to make the topic perfect.

It has nothing to do with the US and immigrant towns,
did they ask me that Japan won a war and the United States won too?
That's why we are going to never give up Tokyo.
But I lost, but so casually.

When a great celebrity who speaks English tells about Japanese,all the foreigners listen to the story.
Musicians came from UK and The Italian royal family in the Turkish territory came from Europe.

Turkish say their views to abandon all European stories,"marry Turkishs,
do Christian Christians in Egypt", what does it belong to Europe?
What is Egypt? I don't know ...

Later immigrants are living in the Japanese town in France,
You say you're from.. because they say that they are discriminated against the general public speaking in Japan,expand around Yokosuka Base and does it mean that Europeans don't speak Italian, Arabic or Turkish?

Chinese Minister of Foreign Affairs Wang Yi in UN 74th Session
It is quite cheap.No,one bullfighting is expensive.

Happy Birthday
シルト攻防戦 2

Are foreigners who have recently become naturalized in Japan being discriminated as Japanese?
Why is it Italians who have become on the succession of the French royal family?

I am a paranoid,an American president.
I will give them the Egyptian royal remains,
My Yokosuka naval base will be independent and I will disappear again by Christianity.

Italy likes Japanese.
"Now is the time to build France", is Prince William of UK at the construction place?
At Russian tire factory did you start Weapon production?

Italy are you really Christian?How do you do Italy?

Umineco made it,is it correct sentence?
I think Europe is little bit tired in the closed space recently.

President,before,the king came in military uniform,what's the servant?
This time orders to everyone in general,that's it!
There will be children who will be Yokosuka Naval Base of Louis XVI,
Can you give an opinion because Australia is bigger.
Yokohama,you think Tokyo is a good place to live,
because yokota Airfield says "I have another base in Tokyo".

I just say that there is a place in Germany,airplane are very narrow.
Troops is all French,what should I say, "What?"
Australia in the UK why I'm telling you about the old Louisiana deal.

That's I'm preparing that no one can speak from that place?
Isn't it okay?
I don't think the UK is very obsessed with Japan.
So if you live around Japan and I got Yokosuka and the stars on my shoulders.

The breakdown of the stationed.

So that's why I ’m not saying that recently,Spain is not allowed.
I'm not saying, "I decided to give ."

Oh,and then they're announcers after all.
Oh, that's normal.
That's American,on Japanese TV?
Is it the presidential candidate,a political activity of a foreigner?
Who was dispatched?
Isn't there the person wearing?

(French and Spanish)

Le roi, quel est le serviteur?
Fois, c'est navale,Pouvez-vous avis parce que est plus grande que parce "j'ai qu’il une place en Allemagne",sont très étroits,sont tout français, "Quoi?"je vous parle avec la Louisiane.

Estoy hablar ,No esta bien?
En Japón las estrellas que recientemente,
España es normal.
El candidato política de un extranjero?
¿No, está ?


What's Trump country?
青いカーテンの部屋 - Way to ShangHai