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I am confused.
Did she say "the desire of Europe"?

I am confused.
He said he is on the ship.

I am confused.
Did he say "French kingdom and the Gulf Coast"?

北米が来るのか、南米が来るのか 5

USA does not respond to the vital story.
Where is the kingdom in the United States?

Jordan and Africa wear Japanese kimono,because African exchanged hamburger with kimono.
What did Jordan give to Japan?
Japanese got hamburgers and TV games.

I am also a Palestinian or an African.
I don't have Muslim treasure,I also exchanged hamburger with kimono.

We don't have anything to eat in Japan and no cars.
Why don't you get this car.

I think that we can get castles and temples of world heritage in Japan.

The world heritage castle is still usable.
We want to declare independence of English or..French or..
Everyone is speaking English.Everyone is wearing kimono.


Jordan is a Muslim and has a special treasure that is white skin.
The King studied English in UK.
Everyone is speaking English.Everyone is wearing kimono.

What does Britain get from us?
Hamburger and TV games and Muslim treasure...?

When did Japan get this flower from USA with my TV and TVgames?

And is this car from USA?

This news is right.

But this news is wrong.

Africa and Jordan got Japanese soccer "Kemari",Jordan don't play soccer.

Does the new country need the border between Jordan and Africa?

This map is República Dominicana

This flag for Christ  is fond of Spanish.

Today's news.

Japan time for World War II found  difficult ostentatious first policy formally.

Former president Barack Obama whose weapons or more  for Asia will fixation deficit would forbid.

Whether for his summit with one of the account for Japan would appear.

To drive a wedge between Washington with Japan.

( would be to re-engage with Japan for friends(ISIS)?)



Trump needs to stop treating Japan like he just doesn’t care

THE TRUMP presidency has been an unsettling time for the United States’ traditional post-World War II allies, and none has found it more difficult to adjust than Japan. Prime Minister Shinzo Abe has been showering attention and ostentatious affection on President Trump since he first made the trek to Mar-a-Lago in February 2017. His reward has been a series of policy actions that imply Mr. Trump just doesn’t care: Mr. Trump formally pulled out of the Trans-Pacific Partnership, planned by Mr. Abe and former president Barack Obama as the linchpin of a 21st-century U.S.-Japan relationship; later, Mr. Trump imposed tariffs on steel and aluminum and exempted all allies but Japan; most recently, he shocked Mr. Abe by announcing a one-on-one meeting with North Korea’s Kim Jong Un, whose weapons threaten nearby Japan as much or more than they threaten the United States.

And so Mr. Abe was back at Mar-a-Lago this week, trying to explain the risks to both countries of any American economic and security strategy for Asia that sidelines Japan. Whether Mr. Abe survives his current political scandals at home or not, the importance of a sound bilateral relationship will remain, and Mr. Trump should do more to stabilize it.

A big part of the problem is the American president’s fixation on the bilateral U.S.-Japan trade deficit, which has been a bugaboo for him since the late 1980s, but which was actually $16 billion lower in 2017 than it was in 2007. Deep-seated suspicion of Japanese trade policy is one reason Mr. Trump rejected the TPP, and why he reverted to that position last week after momentarily suggesting that he might reconsider it. Maybe Mr. Trump thinks he can get Japan to capitulate to his trade demands by implying that the alternative is no Japanese input on a North Korean denuclearization deal; Japan is keenly, and understandably, concerned that an agreement eliminate the threat North Korean ballistic missiles pose to its territory. Any such tactics would be both unseemly treatment of an old friend and likely to fail, because public opinion in Japan would forbid any Japanese prime minister, whether Mr. Abe or a successor, to play along.
Mr. Trump did send Mr. Abe home with a public assurance that the agenda for his summit with Mr. Kim would include the fate of Japanese citizens abducted by North Korea, a key concern of Tokyo’s. That’s a start, but much more needs to be done. There’s a reason the diplomatic framework for North Korea has always included “six-party” talks, with one of the six parties being Japan: A deal that does not account for Japan’s legitimate interests could destabilize Northeast Asia rather than stabilize it. Maybe China’s Xi Jinping would appreciate sidelining Japan, but Mr. Trump should not even appear to let China drive a wedge between Washington and Tokyo. A good start would be to re-engage with Japan and other Pacific nations on the TPP, signaling to both Beijing and Pyongyang that long-standing U.S. commitments are solid and independent of the denuclearization talks. As the United States prepares for these negotiations, it needs all the friends it can get.

China will receive castle and clothes and Chinese cuisine.
I don't know about China.



"Are you looking for Austria?”
Japanese showed the incident, "The police are prepared to arrest and carry out the death penalty soon."
Flight to Varennes

They state the impression of "independence of Haiti".
"Austria has a palace and aristocracy is on standby.

Japan has the same function as Austria, a by-product of Austria."


Is there a problem with increasing the proportion of Spanish speaking residents?
We will only eat Spanish food in your area.

The auction site was put in the screen by Recycling policy.

It provids Spain baggage,Loewe.
Why did France bring Louis Vuitton

Let's speak Spanish.
Let's speak French.

Men prepared for a dating site.
All the men are soldiers.


Actually Iranian soldiers get Japanese women by dating sites,

In this plan the Japanese are female in Spain and Turkey.
Both Spain and Turkey said that they would accept "Japan" within the territory.

Then Japanese men have a plan to use the same dating site and land on EU.

Are they fantastic women?
They want to convert Europeans religion to Japanese and their husband rob the castle for their wives.
It is a military coup by enchantment of Japanese.

Japanese woman said to a Japanese woman(me)

"Prepare COACH (bag from USA) for free.we'll buy it"

Meals and clothing items were prepared for released slave.
Japanese received it

Japanese have repeated dialogue with Turkey, the United States and Russia to moving Spain from Europe.

(Did she say that both Spain and Turkey said that they would accept "Japan" within the territory?)

( Why did you need this?
The British have an opinion.

She says that what did that woman(me?) tell the king of Spain?

"I am your Queen" ?

Does she say that there is no evidence?)

Actually,the cause of the descent of the Spanish throne is the Spanish army.

The Spanish army might be a foreign soldier.

What will be "Japan"?

Tell me the real name of the foreign unit.

"The ugly battle between Russian troops and Japanese women?"

"A woman and a woman can't marry."

Pentagon defined about Japan"She is my wifeemoji"

Is this a wedding party?!

what made you acknowledge that the top of America is a woman?

He was a single king. He died without getting married.
Bayazid Osman

Then the widow approached the Spanish king.
The Spanish crown throng with unmarried.
Moreover she said that there is a law of gay marriage in the United States.



The Japanese ceased to be a kind of Caucasian.
I'm afraid that Crimea can cut out the territory to help me?
Is Russia trying to help me?

I am an extinct white Japanese.
I only want to live in Japan as a Caucasian and I already live in Israel.
Where is the territory in Japan to return to Russia? In 2023 ? Palast der Republik ?

But the Negro revived again and began negotiations with the American government.
Black people are in danger. Blacks are discriminated against in Israel.
Blacks need Jerusalem for Christ and himself.
The US government suddenly announced that "It recognized that Jerusalem is Israel 's capital city."
America and Japan are looking for territory in Israel,they should return to Africa.


I am not great enough to be ordered by a foreigner.

In Japan he(↑photo)  should take responsibility for world warⅡto talk with foreigners.
He went to America.
The order of international marriage, with Japanese politicians does not suit me.
He is the only one person who signs the document.

Then Russian politicians will not need to talk to him.

In this way everybody went to America, what will I do if I am only remained?
Who am I who is threw away as a result of the war?


The cause is not Muslim.They are not Muslims but Muslims.
Though they are in a very small territory the power to create chains is too strong.
The great power over the vast land reaches far place.

Will I rely on Greek science again?
Blue eyes look at me.Is his love a chain?
I will be free if I reach that arm.
Taht is a oblivion country.Freedom is quiet.

Who was in the US as my freedom?

Bad marriage blocks roads to escape.
A woman has a chain in his arm.

Who will speak?I will speak.

Whose country is it?
Whose food is it?
Whose water is it?
Why do you speak freely?
Why do you want to connect people to the chain?

Who is in the US as Japanese freedom?
I don't want to.

Or is there a bride in Egypt for Japan?
The old chain is repaired in Japan.

today's news

I doubt the US.
A woman has a chain who greets President of Rwanda.

The cow uses the tail to drive away the flies.
But she is beautiful wings like an angel?
He got married to her.
She appears from the ancient kingdom.
How beautiful she is!

The King has changed after studying in the UK.
We should change too.

You had better not read that book anymore.
That book is persecuted.

Here is her old country?