Iraq unity in meeting



I don't know I think that was not a work for me.
But is it a documents of the France royal family in sign for me?
the title "JICA's support to the Japanese government"?

I think I really didn't know.
Franz Friedrich Anton Duke of Saxe-Coburg-Saalfeld is
father-in-law of Grand Duke Konstantin Pavlovich of Russia.
I feel I am still in the palace of Emperor Paul I
orit is still a ship during the Great Northern War in1700~1721.
Christian 9 king of Denmark is
father-in-law of Grand Duke Konstantin Nikolayevich of Russia
the second son of Tsar Nicholas I of Russia and younger brother of Tsar Alexander II.
George I king of Greece is
father-in-law of Grand Duke Paul Alexandrovich of Russia
the sixth son of Emperor Alexander II of Russia.
Windsor was Emperor Paul I's relatives became female.
The name changed Battelleberg.
Is this wikipedia information correct?
What did you ask me from Africa?
His palace Cadiz?
I saw countless Africans in the coastal area.
<Is it Cadiz?>
Alfonso XIII is
father-in-law of Donna Emanuela de Dampierre.
His son Jaime de Borbón is
father-in-law of María del Carmen Martínez-Bordiú y Franco.
Prince Jaime's son Alfonso de Borbón is
father-in-law of María Margarita Vargas Santaella.
Princess Beatrice
the 5th daughter of Queen Victoria,King of the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Ireland
married  Prince Henry of Battenberg.
They had Victoria Eugenie, Queen of Spain.
She is also a father-in-law of Donna Emanuela de Dampierre.
Alexander Albert Mountbatten is also a son of Princess Beatrice.

Their father Alexander Ludwig Georg Friedrich Emil von Hessen-Darmstadt is
father-in-law of Victoria Alberta Elisabeth Mathilde Marie Mountbatten, Marchioness of Milford-Haven.

Alexandra Feodorovna is a elder sister of Priness Victoria of Milford-Haven.
She married 1894 the last Emperor of Russia, Nicholas II .
The palace moved to Nicholas II.
I didn't know Battenberg.
You may think I am on the ship of Stanisław I Leszczyński
But Turkey talked to me.
We can see Kebab at the stand everyday in Japan
do you finally speak it in Turkish?

・ ・ ・ ・ ・ ・ ・ ・ ・ ・

"Organize Lybia" became death news.
American president won.

I think he's asking a simple question.
Why is he talking about Egypt?
I don't know his name.

I think I am prisoners for Italian.
Fezzan African said "Ethiopia"in ancient time,
and what is Italian Libya?
What is it?

When to talk about Ethiopia there was a name of the palace.
We know there was prison also in Italy.

It was also a story in Italy,Ethiopia was restrained.
It escaped from the palace.

"How to do President Obama?"
"Which one is better Ethiopia and the blue eyes."

He talks about Turin or Geneva,a castle in Florence.
He married blue eyes African.
His wife blocks our talking everywhere.
Lady first,blue eyes first,what was their marriage for Africa?

"Eat too much."
"Buy everything."
"How to talk in Africa?"
"We chose Duke Berry because of his black eyes."
"He chose his family and ethnic minorities."

Duca Berry ceded what to his child?
He says it's Berry.
He shows inflated tummy and beautiful woman.

He usually wears with pink and blue to speak English.
His official photograph is light blue.
His wedding photo also light blue.
His mother was purple on his wedding day.

He can renew wedding photo many times to say "I do not like the mother's celebrity life"
At first he introduced his mother.
He recently introduced another mother.

USA made it to his mother to make talk and made China.
Who can wear it.
What languages is the country in American China Church?
When wearing to be killed speaks in German he got a child again.
It is never called Germany or Italy.
And she must be released from the church.

He says it is yours.
He says her cloth was yours.
What can we order to her?
She greets us that she is our Queen to Africa EU.

I am a girl.
Or is he a president of Egypt?
中国のニュース 今更アッシリア人
Marriage contracut is not accepted between women and girl.
Who say "She doesn't read Bible?"

Or he became the girl who gave birth to himself?
He is Red Blue,Allah to her for example?
青いカーテンの部屋 Allah Duhai Hai

So what is he doing?Is it like another USA?
What is it,Green Church..?

https://youtu.be/WpM6enJvNXg ?

Is she a friend of Queen Rania?
Costume Collector?
青いカーテンの部屋 等风来

What languages does the church speak?
He criticizes his mother's luxury.
Is it his mother in Japan?
The United States has a superior position to defeaters.

I also think her white face is cute.
To talk to a 13 year old African girl(?),
the French kingdom lineage was given to her.
But did it have the Bride's election in the island?

Duca Berry constitutes a part of the Spanish royal palace.
What is the problem about his white woman in the palace?
It's easy everyone talk with President.

I really have nothing to tell.
I just want to hear what we are talking about in the future like work or town.
He probably made a train or a transportation network?
I also want to hear the outlook of Africa.

His friend is the Turkish Foreign Ministry.
They asked me to go out to an island.
Is it his island?

I think he was also a child of another luxurious mother.

wikipediaIsma'il Pasha

President sisi is quite older than 13years old.

2000 years ago a primitive man's idea appeared.

”How does 6German increase to 12German”

But I think she is more adult.



When do we have her French royal children's greetings?
What can Egypt receive to sustain Berry?
"Do not write French."
The literacy rate was 7%. The more few people are good today.
We can't read their order.

Europe asks about Muslims.
We are Arabian?

I know little African girl won as a mother.
I know she has many husbands.
I know she says she is the biggest in my house.
It will the polygamy house may be in India.

Who is my husband for her?
What is my wedding for her?

"Because she wants to talk with the Japanese SDF."?
"He is Japan."?
"NATO people like European in Turkey.
Would you."?

I can accept proposal from USA,
he is an actor of European prince,
he makes a green cross.

Ruins of thieves and Greek temples
the castle conservations

That work will be done soon
but I am different in religion.


Afurica told Japan that African children can respond to Egypt.
They are presenting Madagascar Island.

Israel no longer has castle··

Because Egypt already forced it,
I come Egypt from India but I live in Japan.

He said that there was a Israel princess in Africa in Japan.
Looking at history, Israel was not located in Africa.
I found that he succeeded in Sicily.

Why is he looking for Sicily in India again?
The Indian replaced the song lyrics with things like Japanese.

I remember Ethiopian delusion was started that day.
He said he lived in Egypt.

Buddha went out from India where was continually shorten.

If you say such a convenient thing, where will Indian country take you?
All will be foreign countries.

I didn't know he came to Japan.


I saw Japanese TV we use the facilities of the Italian royal palace
The palace is big.But I don't know about the history of modern times in Italy.
Royal Palace of Caserta

Battle of Legnano
Treaty of Venice

Third Council of the Lateran
By agreement reached at the Peace of Venice in 1177 the bitter conflict between Alexander III and Emperor Frederick I was brought to an end. When Pope Adrian IV died in 1159, the divided cardinals elected two popes: Roland of Siena, who took the name of Alexander III, and Octavian of Rome who, though nominated by fewer cardinals, was supported by Frederick and assumed the name of Pope Victor IV.
After a preliminary agreement was reached, a conference was scheduled for July 1177. Frederick spent some time in the interim interfering in Venetian rivalries in hopes of securing a pro-Imperial group in power at the time of the confrontation.
, but the city did not surrender to the pope and forced him to leave in 1179.
The victory of the Lombard League forced Frederick to travel to Venice. In the Peace of Venice, 1177, Frederick and Pope Alexander III were reconciled. The emperor acknowledged the pope's sovereignty over the Papal States, and in return Alexander acknowledged the emperor's overlordship of the Imperial Church. The Peace of Venice was heavily instigated by Archbishop Wichmann of Magdeburg, who was amongst the defeated at Legnano. The cities of Lombardy, however, continued to fight until 1183, when, in the Peace of Constance, Frederick conceded their right to freely elect town magistrates. The Treaty was cast in bronze.
On January 27, 1186, Frederick's son Henry VI married Constance of Sicily in Milan as a sign that peace had really been established.

・The United States was acquired. Hurricane Katrina?



Sisi stresses Iraq unity, sovereignty in meeting with counterpart


CAIRO President Abdel Fatah al-Sisi,they discussed Arab regional interest and agreed to Bassam.

The election is reflecting all to achieve security, appreciation for the relations, eagerness to the realms and it assume.
It added that has segments efforts to preserve re-emergence.

The historic  appreciation on all levels and  his eagerness,Arab cooperation are exemplary to achieve in the Arab.
The Arab-European Summit will cover economic cooperation, cause,, and solutions for the region.


CAIRO received counterpart regional coordination reflecting political process for the close relations  to diversify the realms of the neighboring country.

Policy on Iraq added confidence of Iraqi that represents the Iraqi national identity in concentrating of Iraqi citizens of terrorist.

Iraq cooperation role crises kick off the two-day conference,cooperation cause,counterterrorism for the region.


Egypt supports counterterrorism efforts in Tunisia: Sisi

CAIRO  has taken out to conditions both countries.
Beji Caid Essebsi cooperation on terrorist groups from conflict areas who compose a threat to both countries.
Counterpart to attend of ties between both countries.
The close relations over the past years. 
Role on the regional  chairmanship a pivotal role at reaching  crises.


Abdel Fatah al-Sisi asserted its efforts, the measures taken the state’s security faced meeting on Sunday, the president stressed the strengthening security and the returnees a threat to region of state of the Arab-European Summit to attend the Arab League Summit.
Ties between both countries exchange in the realms.
He added effective role on the regional  chairmanship of the African of the Arab-European Summit expected to Arab aiming at reaching  the regional crises. 

Sisi asserts Egypt's established stance on Palestinian Cause

CAIRO will continue reconciliation.
The recognition as capital Eastern Jerusalem president expressed stance on the Palestinian Cause solution to pursue.
It took place on Sharm El Sheikh. 

Some states use terrorism to 'take place not theirs": President Sisi

CAIRO have been using terrorism that does not belong to them of the region.
Terrorism as resort to recruit terrorism, a correct could rights,terrorism,agree on community ignores toward in accordance for all regional crises in Libya, Syria, Yemen can only Council.

Come together our cooperation in today.
Cooperation or conflict tension and common have to be only conflict truly .

(↓I think it's a bit different, but I add the line of this news.)
Let us empower our young women and men to be positive agents of change," Tusk stated.

<Population Commision to open cooperation to the youth(=EGYPT)TODAY. >


動画もありました。 https://youtu.be/59bnvuMJa_M
























 私は怒っている。what is the clorien ??」
























「ハルマーン just steel me」?







「steel knee」







「ハッラー ド  麺(メン)!」

「at a hat this vis sir Rah(Egyptian king) Hersey(Jersey?) lazy man」























「Lega me,Arcadia」(Legaとは、インドネシア語で『ほっとする』という意味?)




「ニザート、ニザート、祈りごとを唱えます、サラクサタクデンアクサ・・Very ニザート!」


「ハディエットムシュタラタ モンテカトリーナ」?


「フィーモア ガート ハディエット」?

「AU looked Saudi..」

「マンテカトリーナ? is this Maroon?」

「Satan her who Margaret, AU looked SAudi.」

「マガレット スナイーヤ アウズライヤティ・・ AUエリヤー」




「アラビア~ ヨーロッパ ~ トラベル ~ コアラ ラーメン?」

「AUレイナ メント カトリーナー アーミナ?」

「Where is amina Chiney ha?」




「你呢? ハッディ」











「Yes ah ahlam abdem le phon?」




「Wow shock and run goddy Rah.」


Syria's Assad meets Khamenei in first Iran visit since war began

CAIRO television reported two leaders agreed "to continue the two friendly nations".

LAS-EU Summit has exceeded our expectations by far: Sisi

CAIRO confident of interest.
the countries for countries issues to us for our country to go further to discuss connects  region over the past few days once more to  today of our talks.
Those things are closer together rather thanked leaders took place over the past few days.
"Trade, security and the two most important things to cooperate towards to  innovation cooperation  terrorism. other cooperation other things are far louder than our words."
Countries reach tens of presidents  from different countries come to regional cooperation.

What connects the Arab and European region.
"Dear nations that love piece, we have finished today the summit […] you are the beneficiaries of our talks and you are the ones who will reap the fruits of these talks. I, therefore, invite you to bypass all the issues that separate you and embrace those things that bring you closer and bring you together.”
Good bye that need cooperation are trade.


Sisi receives phone call from Jordan's king Abdullah

CAIRO contact regional crises.
Cairo news agency voicing cooperation countries.


Egyptian-Cypriot relation reaches its best level: Cypriot president

CAIRO relations have reached the two countries on Tuesday.
It  clarified the consolidated two in the field of energy.
Two law of the sea with Turkey came to a statement issued by Bassam Radi.
The two tackled relations sector.

Iraq PM Says Country Could Take Non-Iraqi IS Detainees From Syria

(1)Forces will repatriate some like France would receive whether would not receive whose one President who were Forces would  told Reuters on Sunday last week.
Foreign planned the last  still poses.
We will deal with  we have to deal with.

(2)Forces will its own to the other France for example for Islamic State.
It would help people.
It is one battle and obligations from other countries.
"We deal with that?"
Whether they participated they could be judged  foreign fighters to take back from Iraq.
One day who were transferred  from the Syrian Democratic Forces would be tried on Sunday.
The fate of foreign  fighters still poses a western officials's leader. 
We will deal with if we don't.
With Syria infiltrate worries we have to deal with it.

Shoukry praises economic progress under Sisi’s leadership

CAIRO is the right leader for the current  and economic progress in Egypt.
Cities of two-thirds to continue working,our country and it needs community.

Sisi orders punishment for people responsible for train station accident

CAIRO passed  accident.
Train recovery catastrophe care caused crashed thus it will be punished.
Committee was formed.
Rescue and relief of Crescent were sent to offer.
At least 20 people were announced dead and 40 others injured from central Cairo to control transport.


U.S. Embassy Cairo supports Maker Faire Innovation for fifth year

CAIRO will see ten panel discussions.Key region“Cairo" is proud.

Saudi King, CP condole with Sisi after Ramses railway blaze

CAIRO condolences to 20 people at Cairo's Police,
relatives"resulted", the Saudi king said"people".
A cable to rest,a cable to condole offered recovery from the church.
Condolences of the victims.
A blaze at Cairo’s recovery.
Incident is responsible to provide care.

The solar-powered irrigation scene in Egypt

CAIRO product to Central for Public.
New invest which is seen by economy to export increasingly individuals to rent ownership of the investor giving loans on planting reduce carbon.
It is clear on the path and innovative resources.(signed an agreement )
Investors will provide works on providing using proposed largest solar power plant park.
90 percent produced  the most important production.
20 percent a Nile River will cover.
It forward on the region.
Region of produce power launch the park.
The project has no incentives pegged to the value of on the 14.3-square-mile plot of land.
It used powered the national power pumps into powers.
Looking to plant,do not need plant crops.
A powered irrigation using natural -powered pumps Organization for Industrialization,
the cost of the plant up on money power located in North Egypt.
The running costs pay a lot upfront,thousands and also more reliable that you will be able to get the costs.
It tells Egypt of the use of clean energy crops on crop roots can reduce crops.
It can also increase to kill to relocate store and renewable.
Otherwise,complicate otherwise straight forward application instead of to run pump,times prefer to store.

This results with less cost on rainy are required.
Climate irrigation low-cost coupled resource per year,National Investment Profile published one of the top countries.
In similar vein tells us that potential opportunity powered.


Cruise line between Hurghada, Sharm El Sheikh to be launched

CAIRO to operate a cruise,the first cruise to Iraq Today in the trial will be one trip to operate Today.


Sisi checks health condition of injured of Ramses blaze

CAIRO condition of the citizens in Cairo in late  considered the country.
No driver into the  buffer.
Cairo's  located in the collision caused the explosion.
Tank  ordered to know their relatives of the crashed train being conducted.

Sisi highlights Egypt's keenness to promote coexistence

CAIRO the values of culture will across the region.
The Congregation Cardinal to the document signed al-Tayyeb Together.
The culture of the region respect and referred relations.
The past visit to 2017.
The restoration Cardinal cooperation to the culture to Radi is opening the Cathedral in the  Capital, reflect citizenship, tolerance.

Egypt committed to promoting role of women in economy: WB

CAIRO lauded noting the decision that remarks  Economic  in the presence Councilfor Women in Cairo.
The countries Cooperation of working on economic  of women to the persistently women to boost economic time provides the public space  protection opportunities.
It provides perceptions conditions and the reconciliation and the relation, conscious in the private sector  in the workplace, particularly in leadership positions.
It  is concentrated providing characteristic.


GEIDCO welcomes enhancing cooperation with Egypt in electricity field

CAIRO Cooperation on Sunday to enhance cooperation of the country's Electricity to presidency
projects to the enhancement is renewable also referred cooperation sector, countries.

To increase its reliance on renewable energy,
to rely on renewable energy regional in cross-border projects, in the fields of energy and mining,
a link cooperation on the energy strategy in Egypt joint cooperation technology in Egypt,
the chairmanship from Rwandan for a one-year term commission will fully as chairman of  remarkable progress.

Official warns against encroachments on 'New Waraq' lands

CAIRO for Commercial City" project.
The new city located  upon Cabinet's charge that concern other party the right to take legal to remove residents, providing low-income in new projects.


Sisi approves National Council for People with Disabilities Law

CAIRO,the issuance of law No.11 of Council,
the Parliament on the National Council that aims to promote protect constitutional.
Council consist to public.
The council's president required civil performed military service, or have been legally clear criminal records.
Persons with all ministries  concerned the provisions  of the  Convention of Persons.
The council has to represent persons should be registered concerned complaints.
The policies and projects avoid disability every two months includes council's conjunction fees proceedings before courts report on the situation of the rights of persons.
This report and the Cabinet, the president of the council  illicit gains allocated LE 80 million ($4.46 million) of people in Egypt 9-10 percent of the total population.

Sisi congratulates Nigerian president on re-election

(1)CAIRO counterpart luck by presidential.
President countries second term in terms projects,
the importance relations has long been a non-corrupt on Nigeria.

(2)Fatah to his Nigerian President Mohammad Buhari wishing him good luck,Egyptian-relations and final term in office for national  from President Sisi to  Buhari.
Egyptian respected to fighting  on Nigeria.



I think it was strange, I saw those African were in France and UK.
Do you ask why university facilities turns to purple in Egypt.

3,500 employees to move to New Administrative Capital by March 2020: Minister

CAIRO transferred to Capital 2020 district.
2020 Capital,CapitalCourt,the Tax and Customs amount to 200,000 employees will be transferred.
40 percent of the employees to the new capital,to the New Capital within the coming 10 months,
include Council the first stone of Cairo,the new capital will include 20 capital, train to link it.
Conference center and colleges, facilities, are located  the Cairo ring road, roughly 60km from the cities.


Sisi, Museveni talk bolstering Egyptian-Ugandan ties

CAIRO ties leadership call relations issues African Union this year.
He added that this will contribute to development towardsto coordination also come to Sisi with regard to the issues call.
The two presidents cooperation in cooperation in  region,the construction to Cairo,Renewable Ugandan plant of agriculture in both countries.
Presidents discussed regarding water security  several issues, regarding water  in the Nile.
Counterpart visited to Uganda in December 2016,two leaders praised the two countries  the two countries’ relations and cooperation.

Iraqi President commends boosting ties with Saudi Arabia

CAIRO ties with Iraq,keenness countries of the region closer in order to Trade.
“Iraq create interests of the region was looking of prosperity peoples of the region.”
Top cleric respect kept to the increasingly influence of the Iran-backed militias.
A key role Iraqi called relations out that Iraq to the relationship.
Visit to Saudi Arabia.
The two sides committee for cooperation oil and electricity linkage and its participation in reconstruction,legislative authority’s provide all to promote and overcome,
the obstacles to development received regional interest and  intensify coordination.


Aswan will give you Aswan.Because someone got Aswan.
Workers are children.Aswan is just water.
Today I can see there is his name.
This is innovation!

Sisi: Youth conferences great opportunity for interaction among youths

CAIRO orders to find youths reach results was in dire for leadership.
Training reached youths and running and administrative security,they all should be firmly confronted.
Country raised components could be available in Egypt.
Countries mean to that in developed countries.
Intellectual in our countries have large number of  opportunities to use the chance in country,he can cadres launches in Aswan until March 18 under the President Abdel Fatah al-Sisi.
Topics the impact of advanced innovation in region revolves  concern presidency include open discussions,  and round decision-makers and a large number of people.



Sisi to visit Washington on April 9

CAIRO cames at Trump’s invitation and international issues of mutual concern comes in light of the continuing cooperation between both countries and counter-terrorism levels leaders priorities including conflicts of regional stability read" In April 2017 President Trump welcomed Sisi for the first time."
Close cooperation operations in case,
President al-Sisi to his counterpart.

Sisi, African leaders unveil Selassie statue: national TV

CAIRO reported this receive the presidency for Selassie comes to recognize first President Kwame  in the AU building in Addis Ababa.
Most importantly in the continent of the AU's Legal Counsel pointed out the reports and Council road map set to curb to implement in order to  boost  the continent’s leaders,international leaders reports topics and climate to be discussed Negm.

Going to war with Ethiopia, Sudan is not an option: Radi

CAIRO recent prime Egypt reflects open prospects on common interests.
Phone took on several issues coming on top of these issues.
Previous has no intentions to loving country.
Concern over more than 56 billion cubic meters of Nile water per-capita from 663 cubic meters per year to 582 cubic meters to the Central for Public.
Necessary will not harm countries in late December, Egypt went public in the tripartite is concerning.

Child sponsor began Japan to say something to children.
Military base to command children is in Japan.

I don't know what religious newspaper is this?
I think it is perhaps a translation of American news.
It is asking to children,is the President of the United States the king of India?
Are children President of the United States?
天馬の国 インド実写版
International Badra Oil Center in Iraq

Nationalism, the independence of the two Sicilian kingdoms
are realized by Russian

Hospital realizes equality between the West and the Orient.

If it gives birth to a man from all over the world all people are children of grandma.
And her house is Japanese pure blood species.

Grandma's father probably came from the palace of Iran.
She lived in Africa probably she was more black.
She thinks the government was probably in Ethiopia.
One day Grandma knew about the Japanese Emperor and wished to learn a lot from him.
He told about USA to her.
But his child declared that the war brought a great time for the citizens.
Grandma has faith that God help her.

She thinks that a bad person is a wife of another house.
She have to ask to another house about the problem of abuseed children.
I don't know the Tokyo University holds students for many times to try the Ethiopian government.

Are Japanese English?

Where do British people remove English?
Because they aren't king of India.
How do they have difference between India and Africa?
The same appearance is slightly conspicuous.

I thought it was American policy.
Foreigner are speaking English to avoid difference.

India is teaching Japanese in Iraq but Africa thought it a problem.
I know Japanese SDF have lost in war with Sudan.

Most problematic Latin
DANGAN - EUがロシアになるまで・・

Next problematic Israeli
Laal Dupatta

I think I was a child for their rest time in the Japanese government.
I really don't know the policies of the Middle East.

I think the United States controlled Japanese imperial family ,the Japanese government,
they asked children who is above the President of the United States.

It's easy enemy families will win high school students.
They asked the wedding with the overseas royal family to realizes it.
They knew another Islamic dynasty married a high school student.

Why were they talking to me?
Anybody can answer to them.

There are some high taxpayer in school,in religion in Japan.
New high school student was chosen.

We should all to be equal but it failed.
I didn't know they have school in Iraq.
They didn't need made in China that they should wear.

Actually I didn't my suits also.
To return to the bread factory,
I continued to return other companies money
and bears.

the castle conservations
When China brings clothes to the temple(?) in Japan,
Green and light blue are good.

(I didn't know her Kālī was stolen her watch.
青いカーテンの部屋 counter bar番外編 Dharavicha Sukhakarta)

I think this is what many Muslims needed in Japan.

Does Berry need my (I didn't remember) imperial seal..!?
President Assad meets China

I used to be in Turkish court a long time ago.
But I live in Japan now.

So,Egypt thought that Egypt would talk to Poland about Iraq.
The Iraqi president was a student of Cairo University.
In his imagination, Cairo University became independent as Egypt.
Egypt also has a president.
It is the Independence of Egyptian Army's Command and Staff College,Joint Services Command and Staff College,the United States Army War College and the Embassy of Saudi Arabia in Cairo University.
Egypt asked the question why was France coming to talk?

We thought everyone became British but is Japan still wearing a folk costume?
He thought that Japan and Poland would talk.
He is Japan who is among the blacks and French except Egypt.
He said that he was French.
He can learn French by writing letters.
I thought president of France was OK and he was OK too.

Are the governments of the Republic of Turkey having France and Africa?
He issued the news.

Egypt still has McDonald's shop in the town,
Americans are still luxurious because for his kingdom,
His Allah Second Muhammad Ali Dynasty?

wikipedia 7年戦争

エチオピア、セネガル、東アフリカ共同体支援 UNIDO事務局長来日に合わせ5月14日にセミナー
Tokyo Conference great honor for TICAD