Presidente Conte G7 in Biarritz

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安禄山の乱 8 架空世界のモスク

It's a story that suddenly Japanese came from castle to sell vegetables.
Why can I talk to the Emperor?
Even if he suddenly sells vegetables in the town I'm not his partner.
I'm looking for a good story I think who would be better...
It's not vegetable relationship,does Italy carry the ship for return?

For example, a Polish who sells pottery in Poland is also vegetable seller.
His name is American merchant.
Where was he from?
Jewish people doesn't need to be spoken to the Japanese Emperor from the Middle East.
The Japanese imperial family can get married so to go to the EU.
But he doesn't want to be married between vegetable sellers.

ask him your questions
Capital Light transmitting signal 18

What is Italy wating for...?
G20 Summit Osaka Pedro Sánchez comments to Japan

Medici asked to the picture,"Who's Lorenzo?"
Alessandro, Italian?

I was Medici,Iwant Italy,this is a lie.
I just want an Italian child.
I'm in the work that thinks about Japan.
Italy hasn't heard what China says anymore?
Actually I don't remember I was Chinese.

My Japan told me that Japan is interested in Italy.
Japan wants Italian children.
Is there a successor to the Medici family?
Will she get married? Is there a successor?

That's all.

(from ask him your questions )

In Japan an apartment is saying“but" ...

"but" wasn't woman,he is looking for is somewhere family in Italy.

If my family served to Medici,I just want to say so.
The British have an opinion.

The information was born in Milan,next to Medici Villa?
The story of Florence is the story of Africa?
I saw what?
Africans are amazing.
Dream family knows the idea of Africa?

イタリアのアフリカの話14 ?

Does he like me?
I was a part-timer in charge of African support in the Japanese government.
I think the Japanese royal in mainland of China doesn't remember.
But I remember about China.
I saw  he was born in Milan.
His family park is in Rome.
Then is he American now?
I don't know my old family name.
Do you need more Japanese people for Africa?
What kind of lineage should he tell to?
Should I know the idea of Africa too?
The imperial, include a Roman gave me his picture.

My Chinese government office had gone,the palace was also gone.
It's also in Iran.
Later,I am a minority a very few people in Iran.
Who was mixed blood with European royalty...
I mean, “Who broke Iran? France is bad.”
All right, let me tell you that I'm in France.
But I think I was caught in Pakistan around the Safavid dynasty.
I think I was already mixed with the French royal family at that time.

Subsequently France attacked the Iranian palace.
I think I was in a closed,very quiet place where called India.
But I had to say that the Safavid work was evil.
He driven out us from the palace.
So I should be in conflict with France.
That was the justice of India.

Then where should I enter the palace?
Now in Iran, Islamic religious leaders rule.
I think he talked to us that he was from Turkey,
"Turkey needs help,Russia aims to Turkey".

But I'm in Japan I can see it through the Japanese news.
In Turkey I look to Istanbul,but the Patriarchate of Constantinople just asks a few questions.
Because I can't be helped, I am written in Greek.
What do you mean?
Something is difficult for me.

It's a system,what do you think it is···?
It is ironic that royal family said I have to leave,

Japanese says they have the Imperial Palace for me.
Anyone can say to Emperor to become Empress.

Actually I can speak only Japanese all over the world.
I'm Japanese.
Foreign dogs,there are Japanese dogs in Japan!
What should I say and international marriage is a surprising story.

Iran is breaking my routine, why?
NY terrorism? Iraq PKO?

later Tonga ?
the Kingdom of Hawaii?
Palace in Brunei..?

I don't go.

That is his house ...?
What do you speak from his house?
Didn't you live in there?
I wonder if that lives normally and that gives was his house.
Where is the rebirth of next door?
Where is after? 


Gouvernement,le palais aussi,je suis une minorité très.
Je veux dire: "Qui a brisé l'Iran? La France est mauvaise."
France été pris au Pakistan autour de la dynastie Safavid.
La famille royale française à cette époque,la France a attaqué le palais iranien.
Fermé et très calme le travail.
Je devrais donc être en conflit avec la France.
C'était la justice de l'Inde.
Les chefs religieux islamiques règnent.
Turquie,"La Turquie a besoin d'aide, la Russie vise la Turquie".
à travers les nouvelles japonaises en Turquie de Constantinople,je suis écrit est difficile.
La famille royale dise que je dois partir.

En fait, il y a des chiens japonais au Japon!
Plus tard, Tonga?
Le royaume d'Hawaï?
Palais au Brunei ..?

Tu n'as pas habité là-bas?
Je me demande si cela vit normalement et que c’était sa maison.)

Are they my actors?
Or a royal actor?
月牙湾5 ?

The seat in charge of Africa are appropriate.
China quit and they are old Israel government.
シルト攻防戦3 ?




Don't you like my story for Savoy family?
北米が来るのか、南米が来るのか 2
US soldier killed in Iraq raid rushed into firefight

Savoy's kingdom had ended,I know it.
Somehow it's going to the end again when the black-haired prime minister and politician leave Italy.
300 Rise of Empire と携帯電話
イタリアのアフリカの話 7
シルト攻防戦 1
シルト攻防戦 2
In every Italian palace,you can see the pile of corpses.

It is the better story his children were born.
The photos that everyone wants to see can be sought,
But it was able to buy for money, but there are photos of sweaters.

He can say what is it.オバマ大統領は何ジン?

Addition イタリアのアフリカの話11

A novelist can't change what I can say,
Vatican,it's a Christian.
"in Vatican, learn about Christian weddings."
The question is written in Japanese from Japanese in Vatican.
 "Is the Borghese family the same name as the Borgia family?
(between foreign countries?)"

There is also a noble family called the Borgia family who speaks German.


It seems that Borgia Germany wants the German palace independent seems to be the capital.
Who recently became the German emperor?
Alexandre VI(wikipedia Pope Alexander VI  )who knew me was reborn became a German emperor...?
I don't know if the Pope becomes two, three, or four people,I don't know Christian.
France is good,it looks cool.
A distance from the church,Palazzo Capodimonte came to the National Museum of Western Art in Japan.

I could ask the Liechtenstein prince who is Borghese?
To visit for my lifetime the restaurant in Milan is so far away.
You can make my imagination as free as I can.
I'm saying I'm from a Japanese(in Vatican?)
I'm telling myself that Japanese people can..I don't know later.
Isn't that the question of the church people?
Something says Bremen has some port of the German Empire.

Of course,Berlin who is the person I was asked,the Palace of Capodimonte has about the grounds that claims to live more.
So my name is Medici's house.
I'm a merchant, but I'm not doing business right now.
I'm saying that the Kingdom of..I think like the king of France.
Lichtenstein is inhabited by German people who speak German.
I'm probably not.
To ask if he able to what than me because he's a successor in France.
I don't know Liechtenstein.


Au Japon que c'est bon, "Qui es-tu"le nom de l'école articles .

In Europe,What does it mean France sells French goods?
Who came to Japan to sell clothes and games, in Japanese?
you'll be told that that's fine but what do you sell French goods,special ones?
"Who are you"
Aoyama Gakuin? What school?
I think Kimono is the name of the school. family name and flag ...?
I am writing articles about Japanese musician from Aoyama Gakuin.
ビオラは歌う ?

"The 7th Fleet was denied by Commander Aoyama, whose education ? For what?"


Japanese people are walking around with money, right?

"Base gate,because it's not open to the US military
Takigawa Christel introduced Koizumi,who will meet?" ?

"JICA,That's why we need a transport ship to Africa." ?

To discuss the waste of the cost from Japan to Africa.
Takigawa Christel introduced Koizumi,who will meet?
In Japan at the port of JICA,who says Iran's Parlevy comes?

Actor,the Italian prince?
Announcer, Takigawa Christel ?
Actor the Emperor "Our enemy" ?

Bombing JICA's national area,Iran will buy··
How much is it?
Then Koizumi buys the items of“I'm not a slave” from Iranian Emperor,This is the deal.
Because the US military's not only the Olympics seller,
And the nuclear attack on Iran is wrong ...

Then,Pacific fleets make a white Indian country in Japan.
The Pacific Fleet that had managed the city,the recycling policy killed fleet.
With the story of another religion in the Middle East,the Pacific Fleet changed.
Almost the area is called the small Middle East that has the Gulf.
After a business trip to the Middle East,why do we deal?
The Pacific Fleet is about the business to the French Savoia family.
You are relatives,what is different,your face to get huge sales to compete with China doesn't China recognize the Orleans family?

Talk about India but talks about Africa.
 "Do you have the same children as President Obama?"didn't know that.

For example,Bilateral agreement between Umineco and the customer, do I need a UN agreement in business?
Who says that there was only such a place in Japan?

I don't do that kind of deal,
The neighbor"it is the territory of Egypt ..."to the Bourbon family in Japan,
Japan is left in the area to say "so children have to  move to Tokyo."
If you say,you 're not going to enter the US military base (France).
Umineco thought I'd call the Russian army to Tokyo from Tokyo.
But recently why is it the Japanese SDF?

If I am not involved Africa and I think the UN makes me profit.
Who is doing the United Nations?
There is a person living next door?
The celebrity emperor who says that the entertainer was ornate?
Is it Iran?
I heard that

Umineco is a Polish in the French area?
天皇即位式にバチカンが枢機卿を派遣 ?
Who is not an unnamed aristocrat called Umineco?

Are you "I'm originally Japanese.Let me sell the CD.
It's round it's money. The price is good with rice."?

The story will go back to bad by the Japanese SDF,"You bought a US base"

You brought a person to the "Smaller Middle East"
What you want to sell on my ship is Koizumi.
"It ’s better to dispatching seasonal operations "?
If you want to build something,
I was surprised China does not do it.
Who are you?
I want you to stop talking about Africa.
Is the President of the State Harvard University or
Well,are there any transactions monitored by a huge organization called the United Nations?

Before Umineco said "I'll buy you."with parents but now I'm alone?
Please be careful ...in addition,I'm afraid that if you call and you can't call it ?