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前に書いた記事 イタリアのアフリカの話9
Libia religion often changes its spelling?


I don't understand family,I would not use in places such as Europe already?
What does Italian for me?
I don't know what it means,You don't need an Italian restaurant in Japan.
That's why I am everywhere.
What am I saying?So what are you saying to me?
The history of modernity or something after the Italian royal but white people are going to Italian restaurants.
My clothes are readily available in India,you received the highest medal in the United States?
Do you think you usually scold me the same thing?

Do your Italian princes have any problems with Umineco?
Did he get the highest medal in the United States?
What was it for?I don't remember too.

What do you need the contract between Japan and Italy?
I saw your prince of Italy is wearing Japanese kimono.
What do you mean?
What is the contract between Japan and Italy?
President Putin's contract to order Aimone now?
I think Aimone can not be the prince of Italy,
he doesn't need Europe.
To leave the town where did he come from?
A fashon model from the Turkish church?
He has ordered me,to Japanese?
It says that there is Italy in Japan,crazy.

What a great person who uses me.
Call Me Maybe ?

But do you want to talk with Hasekura?
What did you say when you dispatched a Hasekura mission to Europe?
I think the western Chinese office wasn't in charge of the story.
What did Hasekura hear about China?

Missionary was executed in Nagasaki in Japan.
They were sorry,they were talking in a foreign language.
Padre, what is the execution place on that seafront courage?
Your favorite Hasekura said that he didn't like foreigners that he didn't like blue eyes.

But this time Hasekura will execute the Chinese government?
In other words,if that is better, would you do so?

And do whatever you want,you need a marriage with Japanese royal family?
Then do you call another Chinese politican?
It means that he said Hasekura didn't like also yellow skin.

I and Chinese can't call for Russian help this time?
Should I say "help China" to Turkey, India and Africa as a Chinese?

I think about short-circuit method,Russians wondered about me but I return to Moscow.
Then I return to the palace to Chinese government in China.
I may not have been worked at that time so I don't know.

Or will you call Russia?
You can station the Russian army in Tokyo.
Do you continue talking about calling Russian troops to Tokyo?

You say economica,what?
But I think they are close to the supply source.
Japanese marriage?
That's why you say you just write your name on the paper?
Then money?
Money should be supplied because the US military budget?
Japanese people are no way in Japan,they already have children.
So there is that only a certain amount of life.
I don't think they're talking about economica anymore.

Are other Japanese specials have a budget?
Do you?
All come to Italy to get more budget.
Do you think Japan could ask "can anyone do that in Italy?" by military budget?

A boyfriend is..who's that am I aiming for Italy?
I think he has a castle near here.

wikipedia Scaliger ?
But how can I ask him about economica?

Presidente Conte a Milano https://youtu.be/-2JmYSAb0kA
wikipedia Lorenzo Borghese ?

I would be a people who study abroad in the United States.
I don't feel like ancient Chinese office when I see city through  the window,
You can't speak to foreigners,will you deny the Chinese government office?
I do what I want to do,the Chinese opinion don't like all the Middle East issues in the way.
Japan would have become able to manage the Japanese government on its own decision.
You want to be free to study in the United States in the way of the Japanese.

Why does Umineco appear in the play "I can not speak English"?
"Who is not studying in the United States?"
Who is saying, "Let's bring out politicians"?
"I chose a better Japanese."
"How do you meet a normal Japanese?

A man who said that he was born in Milan,the eyes are black.
He is going to be with Japan for a while.
He says he will be the one who will have Japan in China from now on."
Finally I say, "I met him in the US?"But I don't know anymore.

So Japan would have said that it would be good to change the law if it were to become British.
Spanish, so you can say it is Spanish.
Does it mean to war with the United States?
Japanese want to be free from American restraints.
The treaty to be destroyed and released,is it the army for war in the church in Italy?

Milan says, "There is I who has come "but is it a delusion?
The average of native people is Israel because politics,Japanese Japan has failed.
I'm saying if I do it myself because the Chinese side is bad.

Certainly such time is excluding Japan that America is the law of the United States.
Jews are in the way,I think that is the way of thinking.
I want to say goodbye to people of the Chinese government when they appear.
Are you a British?
And you say,imperial room in the Italian church?

It is that they want,is there any talking with a Japanese Emperor?
At last China put out an ordinary man of America.
I get so. America is in the way.
"I think it means that an ordinary child is better than you."
And the introduction of America the color of yellow says that I told you,they say"invisible".

It may be the end if you can have coffee,who are currently in the country.
Coffee is in South America.
Japanese are active in particular?
So it's good to say children  are useless?
That's why I'm going to be Muslim in Japan.
Should you use yourself?
The Netherlands really intends to do it on the Indochina peninsula.

Because I am Japanese, hey ...what kind of evaluation did you receive in the Middle East and North Africa?
That is the evaluation I should receive that my color is black.
Then what a confrontation with a British woman?
You are told that you can't get white children,
so why don't you have to make a black child?
What is Muslim for wearing a suit?
Indian entertainers?

See Algeria they are the inconsolable Musulim.
Maybe even the African ship were abandoned.
Never retuen.

What does Alexandria want?
"Japanese ships being abandoned"?
Is it Islam?
But is it your ship?
But this is a machine translation, but you are the actor who got my words.
イタリアのアフリカの話 6
But this time do you need Russian Empire?
Why is there peace in Syria?
President Erdogan meets China

American whites are running already, why?
Let's see together what will happen!

(ITALY let me go out.
In ITALY I didn't like it.
German children?
Second-hand product of Meissen?
Second-hand product of France?
I don't like it.

So when did king Lear's Prince bloom to me?
But I don't interesting in Aimone.
Who are you saying that I can buy only from an antique shop?
In the vineyard, how much would you sell your prince for an hour?
After I got his children we can use the same dishes in Europe.
His one baby hospital in India one million yen?

I wrote an article about Yahoo Japan's question board before.
Someone asked how can all people become noble in Europe.
So I wrote it's impossible for everyone,I think USA doesn't think about it.

Yahoo Japan's question board asked about the world without USA.
It's the amendment of the treaty in Japan?
Or It's the revocation of the treaty?
全アメリカ兵の電話番号を教えて!!!!! ?

Then they went to USA and married prince William or and so many prince agreed it.
This Ninja blog staff member control the inconvenient images and articles in this blog,
the content is altered by the blog staff's operation.
Then Umineco can get a prince's child is written.
Are they going to buy children of prince of Italy for 1 million yen in India?

So I will be dead because Italy killed me?
The Italians are dead.
Is he from France or Germany not Italy.
You said Greek had lost.
Savoia Castle should be completely destroyed.

The Italian royal family what  a castle do you have?
Palazzo chigi is the church.
ITALY let me go out.
In ITALY I didn't like it.
German children?
Second-hand product of Meissen?
Second-hand product of France?
I don't like it.
What is a white girl if you say it's a shame you understand so?
I guess there is no use for ordinary people I can not return.
Return to France or Germany.
But they came to Indochina peninsula why?

After all, they have not heard of Italian opinion?
Meissen still doesn't ask Italy.
Aimone asked smartphone user to help?
Helpful smartphone user who says Aimone?
We wished such a rude person.
I want to get his corpse but what do you think?
When did his Greek woman greet us?
She greets Aimone to get the title of her child Italian prince?
Indochina peninsula is kind to Aimone?

Is your prince still not going to be Muslim?
He should be a more normal person.
He should be trash until he says he is a Muslim.

You should trash it until it is an Islamic dish for business.
Use them with imported pasta.
Why is your country like a childish hobby and a weird design?
People usually say they use Iranian dishes.
The Iranian dishes don't speak Muslim words?
That's just a bad thing.)

He is in USA?

and he is in Milan?

I don't know I don't go Italy.
I think they are married in the family?

American military puts it in a department store.
In fact,it becomes the burglar of an American company.
Well,are you a black slave or an African who lived in Turkish territory?
Isn't the Turkey who is talking about Islam?
What is the Roman empire fruit selling in Iran that Israel will appear in the air strike.
Do you say that is the currency issued by the emperor?
From Japan I just see what Christianity is.
That's why we have a country called India.
What you want to sell might be Christian ruins or ancient Babylonian ruins.
You say that food is cheeky in Japanese palace even if it's poor to make European royalties at national shops.
The explanation was written into the window of a bakery on the street corner.
What is an angel?

If you want something from black people,in Japan,
if you'll be able to get anything,there is an army that absolutely has the power of the US military.
American army blacks are friends.
He says he cannot believe Americans in Japan they could wear kimono and don't believe in Christianity.

I wore a wedding dress, but where is Israel?
I think the story of going to Israel for a bride is good.

If you complain about Milan,Christians are now doing business in the shopping street.
I've heard that it is better for Japanese people that children with Italian wings are angel as a model of a child.

<Turkey Bakery?>




What do you say to see the Egyptian king?
poor man?
Who are you calling from Milan?
Michiko, the child of Milan, says the empress in Japan.
What does Michiko say to see the Egyptian king?
She sells wheat in Italian and American shopping street with kingship.
Is her army dissatisfied when they looked a poor man?
The poor are all kings.

The church is Christian song in Japan.
Lipstick Musicians are amazing.
The Roman Empire didn't have enough money to eat?
If they got money,they were nobility of The Roman Empire.
They came into our grocery store.
You just need to give them food and money?
In Italy I just want to eat what's that?
I think Roman Empire is the field where your musician buy in Japan and they takes the nuts.
It's meaning the construction of the issuance its currency.

Intervento del Presidente Conte all'Assemblea Nazionale dell'ANIA









イスタンダトゥッティ、トゥッティ ラリプブリカラツィオーネプレジデンテファリーナ?

トゥッテリスタコールダス デラプリトリアーレ ポリティコナツィオナーレ?

THE RANIA?それは浪費のことですか?













Presidente senato Let's make a contract.
Is the important question about the economy?
In May it was a money deal,I think about history
In your own way, you'll just make a small contract with the little finger.
is there any profitable in Italy,THE RANIA? Is that a waste?
Captain Pudding

The story of making Money
Now let's walk out with this story,toward the Nobel Prize in Economics.
Brussels will make a contracts.
You can see Europe from the top of Europe.
The Orient is big but I can destroy it,
the technology that destroys me is rewarded.
But it will fail, internationalization is a failure.






デリトリアチェーネ ビジネス?パーリ?パリーナ?
フォルマティーヴォ アコンクエスタメンテスイーヴィリ

Faire prend le fruit
C'est important,
Où est l'arbre?
Melita, c'est la mienne.
C'était depuis repas.
chambres si vous comptez même le nombre
chambres un "contrat"  contre contre qui je suis.
Macro économie?

en colère de chose,  une grande entité ressemblant à un nuage.
la première de l'exploration. c'est que je suis un gouvernement.
pas bonne, c'est quoi cette Italie?

"Making a contract"
Is it the same meaning as "took the fruit from grape tree"?

It's important, it's ...
Where is the tree?

It's an urgent topic but he sighs.
Melita, that's mine.
Let's lock the all door.
Then Economy,it was the truth, forte.
Then we have meal.
Then take a step to explore the house
but all the rooms are locked for children.
Maria if you count even the number of pocket money and I am also a happy.
All the rooms are locked.

So I would say.
History is ...
But that would be a "contract"-I think I am angry with anyone.
I guess I am angry who I am.
Macro economy?
Well, I think of that kind of thing, but I'm trying to grasp all of Europe as a large cloud-like entity.
And let's take the first step of exploration again.
Oh, what is this, Comparte?
What I want to say is that I am a government.
Italy is really not good, what is this Italy?
Rearte Ma JOLIE?
Queste Synergy Almond Italiani?
The story is over.