イタリアのアフリカの話 7





イタリアのアフリカの話 7

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I saw flapping a bit.
A horse was saying "spring" from west to east in North Africa.
I thought she aimed Saudi Arabian horse or something to marry.
I think a foal was born.

What was the contract for China?
And this time is it the emergency requirements to China?
China didn't listen that.North Africa married China in the old time.

Is Italy a man?
What he says means that his woman is a slave and he is a Spanish.
North African aks China that are we Chinese black north African or Spanish man?
Do you still say that that is Christianity?

China just wants to buy them with good currency but there is no palace in China.
It is far from issuing the currency in the kingdom.
Will you bring an African again from Italy?

Because Saudi Arabia is another kingdom,it is Isramic kingdom
it's not Ancient Egypt.
We were Muslims but we can't maintain the style in China.
But we can not understand African language.

So this time there is a contract with Italy again.
But there is no palace now.
After all, Muslim merchants will leave the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.
We will accept it after all.But there is no royal palace.

But there is a royal palace in Japan.
It is a royal palace recognized by the United States.
You have to take Japanese yen but they are also companies.
They weren't North African but at last Japanese came to North Africa.
And I wrote some to Japanese government.


I think 2 areas in Japan,West and East.
West is French Syria,
He is an Syrian to recover palace.I think he doesn't fail.


I want to learn French and talk to the government.
But that will be a role for the Japanese government.
And this story had ended.

They don't recognize him because there is Japanese palace.

イタリアのアフリカの話 6

 ・Stripes and Victoria,Queen of Iraq
    Sony's dream Suriya wasn't Israel.
    His Home City Nara16 Northern Europe Nara?Receive Turkish souvenirs )

If a democratic movement is the movement and Italy is a country for Italian.
Black people return to home.
Italian prince have started Christianity with the Japanese.
He retruned Italy with his white skin.
I ask if he will return to Italy.Retribution is the right.

It seems to be able to reach USA from ancient China.
I can see Rock Island through the film.
What is that... Cathedral..?But this is my dream.
青いカーテンの部屋 Game三国志のこと
Road to Perdition

the castle conservations

There is still long border and Iran.

We worked to destroy the Serapis religion.
They use the ruins in Iraq in Syria or anywhere.
I want to see the great king too,
so I think Alexander can not be used anymore.

Queen Elizabeth?
King Juan Carlos?
Who is he Osaka Japan?
量産されるサイン - 水上の音楽




「彼氏いたー」の動画もある →インドが変、多分そういうこと


リビアにあるアラブスプリング wikipedia トリートーニス湖








It is quite cheap.No,one bullfighting is expensive.



Chinese Ankara


Governo, Conte: “Dialettica è bellezza della democrazia, ma preservare stabilità’ Palazzo Chigi: “Slitta l’incontro con Siri”


Nowadays here is a gate at the airport.
He came from very far place.
He says there is a political department called Italy in the distance,he is a prime minister and he speaks Italian.
Just listen to his story,black hair are friends.

How do we treat the castle where called Palazzo Chigi?
Because the black hair he wants to escape,
he makes the little democrazia with Italians and makes Slitta to escape.
Then people will have a little in China again.

There is a great problem in Italy now.
Domani is awful.
Detto,scorsi was good but it is smashed by aveva and it become leghista.
Then he said "che l’incontro non avvenga lunedì ma nei giorni successivi."

He thinks it's too awful,
so he asks what should he do?
After that he would like to ask China.
"debito di Roma" wasn't ended yet.
In the Prime Minister's opinion it's easy, processed with quella formata.
He is il presidente but who say "detto" after the dimissioni.
So,why not say Belt and Road Initiative?
He wants to leave the road on the ground but I think he's sloppy and a small person too.
He throw away China suddenly,he says "le varie parti"he will be going back to Europe.
I will think it again he is too white.
And he will say to China again rely on him or he has to hold the other side of Turkey.
”però non deve mettere in discussione il percorso di cinque anni che ci servono per cambiare e migliorare davvero l’Italia.”
Is it his Questa dialettica ?

What that··
He's leaving alone from the Chinese office,
I'm not a girl but I feel lonely.
He is In tutti i Conte he asks does China love him?
Then the great Italy orders China "per questo”
Italy says like this?
"l’atteggiamento della Lega con poche polemiche, pochi attacchi e pochi insulti e tanti fatti
-Però io rispondo di me e della Lega?"

Anyway,he can come by plane.
He can't stay at the old Chinese entrance.
Trasporti Armando Siri ?
Is it his new job?ha detto ai giornalisti Conte?
"l’incontro ma sicuramente domani sarà il primo giorno utile per poterlo vedere. "?

Invece l’incontro...?(in the airport?)

Is Palazzo Chigi in the sky?

There must be nothing in the sky but the airfield is prohibited,
but things around the roads are connecting here and there on the ground,
and the gate in the town.
He says "È molto probabile dunque che l’incontro con il sottosegretario Siri non avvenga lunedì ma nei giorni successivi.”

You need me to say I don't want to go to the airport?
Well, Fonti di Palazzo Chigi fanno ?
No matter how you start talking again
I think the staff at the airport office would answer.
The airport can answer that I(?) don't have my plane.
It is not such discrimination in your airport?

He is a politician looking at the town from the airport.
There is something he would like to ask.
“Non ho letto l’intervista.Città proibita? il vice premier non sono un giudice
non ho mai fatto il giudice, certo non lo sono adesso. Non è certo con l’approccio del giudice che affronterò il problema”.

Slovak PM's White House Visit Spotlights US Defense Accords


Who say "together" in the Spring.

And the big problem was visiting China.

The official relationship between Russia and an officer in China was the palace and the guards.
Beijing and Moscow identification system,planning to attack the Korean peninsula first?
In order to break the candidate of the capital.
Was the candidate for the capital the White House?

Convention to become independent of the United States became out of the territory of the United States in an attempt,
Is it decided in Berlin or Moscow?
In the United States will commit suicide by the law,
the Middle East Africa will eventually remain Americans.
Is Iraq still a British territory.China can't participate in US news.

When you try to eliminate the law who eventually tries to become independent from the territory in Iraq.
They want Japan but there is still a status system,Koreans live and manage Japan.
But do you think that the relationship is over? 
We can see the ancient times in Iraq but that was a part of China.

The most important thing was China.
But it must be American's delusion.
When USA meet to China,Americans have to stand on the Chinese side.
I think this is Japan.
Will Japan and Italy get married for the State of Libya?
I think I did it once but I knew it was because we were Muslims.

What was Rome..アメリカ版 オペラ「何とか島への帰還」 ?

wikipedia Treaty of Lausanne  ??



I think that he wrote was Greek.
His child are still in the United States Air Force and he still write in his own language.
It was a great day I think what can I do to win that.
But he dislikes my thoughts doesn't he?
You say contract, but I already got old to talking to the American Air Force.
In the end he will be the king who says he doesn't want to interact with my children.

The Japanese royal baby was born and won,
and who got married with nice royal children.
It is completely different from my answer.
Royal children in Europe are also my dream,the dialogue partner to U.S.Air Force.

Oh, if I say yes, you will think I have won.
The best thing the U.S.Air Force receives from me, it adds to his value.
You also say that I have nothing.

He says I am no longer yours(Air Force).
But is he one of the stars of the sky?
Or is he a king who lives in the underworld?
And he is behind the fence and hate me.
Europe? or Libya? That was my name?

UK got Europe? and Italy still needs Libya?
I know Italy has wife SKI and SWISS and ..?
Idomeneo, re di Creta ossia Ilia e Idamante